Look and Breathe


Everything’s Rosey

Our Rose Arbor is beginning to emerge into spectacular bloom! Always a highlight in June, the arches in this inviting circular garden are covered with the vibrant pink Rosa ‘American Pillar.’ Take a walk with us and experience the beautiful blooms of our Rose Arbor.   


Let’s Talk Turf

As the grass begins to grow, our thoughts turn to lawns. Director of Grounds Shawn Kister, who leads our team of turf technicians, shared his expertise during a May 2021 episode of The Cornell Turf Show. Listen in as Shawn speaks with hosts Carl Schimenti and Dr. Frank Rossi about the planning, upkeep, and challenges of caring for more than 175 acres of turf at Longwood. 


A Collection of Note

As we open our 2021 Festival of Fountains season, one of the horticultural highlights that you can begin to enjoy in late May is our Waterlily Display. Read more about our spectacular Nymphaea collection and piece together the beautiful Nymphaea ‘Detective Erika’ from our display.


It's Tulip Time!

Since we could not share the splendor of our Flower Garden Walk in spring 2020, we are delighted to share in spring 2021 the colorful beauty of this iconic space--the first garden installed after Mr. du Pont purchased the property. Perhaps you saw it in person this year, but if not, enjoy this video of tulips, daffodils, and more in spectacular peak bloom. 


Sights of Spring

Spring 2021 is popping up all over our gardens! From our magnolias to our cherries, sit back, relax, and enjoy these peaceful walks through our most spectacular flowering trees.


Out of the Blue Beauty

To see masses of blue-poppies (Meconopsis ‘Lingholm’) in bloom, you usually need to travel to cool environs, such as Scotland, Alaska, or the Himalayas. We learned how to force them to flower every year in March, making us the first garden to develop a greenhouse production forcing program for this rare beauty and the only in the US regularly displaying a crop indoors.


Think Spring … Vegetables

After a snowy February 2021, it’s time to start looking forward to spring, and for vegetable gardeners, that means getting ready to sow a wide variety of vegetables both outdoors in the garden and indoors. Horticulturist Alex Correia shares her expertise and explains how you can reap the rewards of frost-tolerant spring vegetables—peas, broccoli, kale, arugula, cabbage, spinach, carrots, radishes, scallions, just to name a few, and shares an easy guide for when to plant your veggies throughout the season. 


Discover the Winter Landscape

Our 2021 Winter Wonder display showcases a tropical oasis indoors and the beauty of the winter landscape outdoors. Join Director of Continuing Education Matthew Ross as he shares some of his favorite plants that ignite the winter landscape outdoors.


Winter Wonder Conservatory Highlights

Our 2021 Winter Wonder display offers the chance to appreciate the juxtaposition of the stark beauty of the winter landscape with the colorful exuberance of our indoor display. This week we head inside with Conservatory Manager Karl Gercens as he shares a few of his favorite plants on display in our Main Conservatory during Winter Wonder


Farewell to A Longwood Christmas

Delight in more highlights from our beautiful 2020 A Longwood Christmas display and take a closer look at the Peirce-du Pont House tree, decked out with a collection of whimsical, nostalgic, and enchanting ornaments.


A Virtual Visit to the Conservatory

We wanted to share highlights from our dazzling 2020 Main Conservatory display, where perfect poinsettias in all shapes and colors and towering trees dripping in ornaments create a magical holiday scene. Explore with us.


Holiday Light Spectacular

We took you on a drone tour of our Conservatory display, now it’s time to share highlights from our award-winning 2020 outdoor display. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the twinkling lights of A Longwood Christmas.


Happy Holiday Centerpieces

Nothing completes your holiday table better than a glorious centerpiece! Join our floral design expert instructor Darcie Garcia as she creates an innovative work of art for the holiday table using a combination of live and natural elements. Darcie’s tips and tricks will inspire you to brighten up your own holiday table to rave reviews.


Conservatory Fly-through

Feel like Santa in his sleigh with this high-flying tour of the 2020 holiday display in our Conservatory. We wanted to share the beauty of the season as our gift to you. 


A First Look at A Longwood Christmas

Our 2020 annual holiday display is now open and we thought we would give you a peek at our spectacular Music Room, decked out to look like a festive Christmas morning! The Music Room is just one part of our spectacular holiday display that spans indoors and outdoors. From 48 trees—some as tall as 25 feet—decorated with 18,000 glittering ornaments inside, to 500,000 twinkling outdoor lights and fountains dancing to holiday music, warmth and cheer are here at A Longwood Christmas.


Chrysanthemum Festival Highlights

From bold golds to pleasing purples, you will be amazed mums come in so many shapes, sizes, and forms. Join our Associate Director of Display Design Jim Sutton as he takes you on a tour of some not-to-be-missed mums from our 2020 Chrysanthemum Festival.


A Thousand Reasons To Celebrate

The star of our 2020 Chrysanthemum Festival has arrived! Our remarkable Thousand Bloom Chrysanthemum features 1,362 perfect yellow blooms on a single plant. This beautiful behemoth takes 17 months to grow and intense attention from our talented horticulturists to shape it into its unique form. One of the most nerve-wracking moments each year is delivering this 12-foot wide plant to the Conservatory from its home at our Nursery. Watch the Thousand Bloom’s journey in our fun timelapse video from a previous year, and make sure to come see this year’s Thousand Bloom, and the other amazing mums on display, during Chrysanthemum Festival.


Bringing Your Plants Indoors for Winter

It’s time to bring those plants from outside you want to overwinter indoors. How do you do it to ensure their survival? Our Associate Director, Display Design Jim Sutton takes you to his backyard as he preps some of his favorite plants to come inside for the winter.


All About Camellias

Camellias have graced our Gardens since 1919 when Pierre du Pont planted the first in the Peirce-du Pont House conservatory. Today, camellias remain an important collection to us and can be seen year-round in our Camellia House in the East Conservatory. Native to Asia, camellias are evergreen shrubs with dark green, lustrous leaves that can grow to a height of 20 feet. They bloom in late fall or early spring and add beautiful color to the garden when most other plants have yet to begin or have finished flowering. We began hardiness trials and a breeding program in the early 1960s to evaluate and develop camellias that can tolerate colder winters. Learn more about our Camellia breeding process with Dr. Matt Taylor, former director, research and conservation.


Fly Through the Conservatory

We are so excited to share this unique perspective of our Conservatory interior. Enjoy this amazing ride from summer 2020!


The Marvelous Meadow

September is an especially beautiful time to explore the native wildflowers, beautiful hues, and varied fauna of our 86-acre Meadow Garden. Learn more about the origin and ecological design of the Meadow Garden from the team that brought the vision to life, including landscape architect Jonathan Alderson. Then take in a solitary, sunrise stroll through our Meadow Garden.


A Tale of Two Gardens

Journey with us to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore as part of a 2020 collaboration to connect our audiences and to share the beauty of our Gardens and our response to COVID-19.


The Great Ginkgo

Did you know that the Ginkgo biloba is closely related to conifers? Ginkgos, conifers, and cycads (among others) are all gymnosperms, seed-bearing vascular plants in which the ovules or seeds are not enclosed in an ovary. Learn more about this fascinating tree in a photo story by Elisabeth Meyer of North Carolina State University and check out our easy reference guide to conifers. 


Water & Wonder

Ever wonder what goes into creating a fountain display? Learn about the history of our fountain shows, the addition of fireworks, and the creative minds that bring these unforgettable spectacles to life in this online exhibit.


Lessons from the Studio Garden

Our Director of Outdoor Landscapes, Andrea Brunsendorf, shares how she turned her office patio into an inviting oasis using diverse container designs. Then, listen as she shares a few design principles and approaches she uses around our Gardens that you may want to use in your home gardens, too, in this video from 2020.


Sensational Sprout

We raised a big stink in July 2020 with the much-anticipated blooming of our titan arum, Sprout! See Sprout’s amazing transformation in this timelapse video and learn why this rare event in the plant world was not to be missed. 

Fountain Effects

Ever wonder what goes in to creating a fireworks display? Learn about the history of our fountain shows, the addition of fireworks, and the creative minds that bring these unforgettable spectacles to life in this article from Longwood Chimes.


A Fantastic Fourth

Although we weren’t able to host a 2020 Fireworks & Fountains Show to celebrate July 4, we still wanted to mark the day and share with you the rousing finale of 2019's show, Star Spangled Spectacular.


Peony Paradise

Take a virtual stroll through our colorful Peony Garden, in beautiful May 2020 bloom, or learn how to add peonies to your garden. 


Fountain Fun

Summer is here and our fountains are dancing throughout our Gardens. Enjoy this rousing performance by our Open Air Theatre fountains!  


Everything’s Coming up Roses

Our Rose Arbor is in beautiful bloom, showcasing the vibrant pink Rosa ‘American Pillar’. Enjoy a walk through the blooms.


Secrets of Victoria: Waterlily Queen

Journey with us to the Amazon to discover Victoria, the waterlily queen. Learn about her fascinating biology, her intricate structure, and how Victoria is woven into our history from growing her in captivity to developing Victoria ‘Longwood Hybrid’ in this fascinating online exhibit.


Wonderful Wisteria

Escape to our Gardens as you enjoy this stunning video showcasing our beautiful wisteria in bloom.


Freaky Plants

Join 2020 Longwood Fellow Barbara Wheeler as she takes you on a tour of her ten favorite “freaky plants.” From unusual odors to gigantic blooms, these unique plants showcase the wonder of nature. Then meet Barbara, whose career in horticulture has taken her around the globe.


An Illuminating Display of Thanks

In May 2020, our staff joined together in a very unique way to recognize and thank the points of light in our community who are battling on the frontlines of this global pandemic. 


Spring Beauty in Peirce’s Woods

Peirce’s Woods is a showstopper in spring. Join Senior Horticulturist Pandora Young on a 2020 virtual walk through as she shares some of her favorite plants in glorious bloom.  


Floral Fun from Your Garden 

Want to create a bouquet or arrangement for that special occasion or special someone (hint: Mom)? Follow along as Renee Tucci AIFD, PFCI  shares how to create beautiful floral designs using materials from your own garden. 


Our Global Garden

Everybody needs beauty. Join our President and CEO Paul B. Redman as he explores our global garden and explains why, once we learn to see the beauty that surrounds us, we’ll better understand what’s worth saving in this 2019 talk.


Brighten Your Day With Floral Design

Nothing brightens your day like a beautiful floral arrangement. We introduce you to the talented team that brings our floral design classes to life … and to your home.

dark branching silhouettes of tree branches support a bounty of pink blossoms against a blue sky


Seasonal Beauty

Spring 2020 is popping up around our Gardens. Enjoy these quiet walks through the beauty, including daffodils, magnolias, and cherry trees.


Gardens Spotlight

We’ve dug into our photo and video archives to share some of the inspiration and beauty from some favorite past displays. Enjoy spring splendor from 2018.

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