Look and Breathe


Sensational Sprout

We raised a big stink in July 2020 with the much-anticipated blooming of our titan arum, Sprout! See Sprout’s amazing transformation in this timelapse video and learn why this rare event in the plant world was not to be missed. 


Water & Wonder

Ever wonder what goes into creating a fountain display? Learn about the history of our fountain shows, the addition of fireworks, and the creative minds that bring these unforgettable spectacles to life in this online exhibit.


Freaky Plants

Join 2020 Longwood Fellow Barbara Wheeler as she takes you on a tour of her ten favorite “freaky plants.” From unusual odors to gigantic blooms, these unique plants showcase the wonder of nature. Then meet Barbara, whose career in horticulture has taken her around the globe.


Bringing Your Plants Indoors for Winter

It’s time to bring those plants from outside you want to overwinter indoors. How do you do it to ensure their survival? Our Associate Director, Display Design Jim Sutton takes you to his backyard as he preps some of his favorite plants to come inside for the winter.