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Our Gardens Your Home

Our Gardens Your Home is designed to keep you connected to your favorite garden (and ours) in a different way through stunning imagery and video of what’s in bloom, engaging online classes and activities for all ages, our legacy, and special moments expressing our mission of horticulture, education, and the arts. Stay connected with us and make our Gardens your home.

Another way to stay connected is by becoming a Member. Your Membership helps us care for our plant collections, steward our legacy, and continue on as one of the great gardens of the world.

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Look and Breathe

Relish the beauty of our Gardens with engaging images and videos of what’s in bloom.

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From favorite past performances to a chat with a gardener, delve into these uniquely Longwood experiences.

Learn and Discover

Go behind the scenes with stories about our amazing plants and people, read with us, or explore our free online offerings for all ages.