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While the Master Plan creates the grand vision for Longwood, the Strategic Plan provides us with an established set of shorter-term goals that address critical issues with a detailed action plan through 2015. 

The Strategic Plan was launched in 2010 and focuses on the following five goals:

  • Put in place the organizational and financial structures that will help us achieve our mission. These may include creating a governance structure, developing a long-range business plan, and maintaining a competitive compensation and benefits program.
  • Provide an extraordinary guest experience by enhancing communication strategies for staff and guests, creating world-class facilities, and training staff. 
  • Take a curatorial approach to managing the Gardens and guest experience through such activities as cataloging plants and trees, communicating our evolving legacy, and engaging and inspiring new audiences. 
  • Serve as a leader in environmental stewardship by enhancing energy efficiency, committing to conservation and sustainable practices, and fostering a culture of sustainability. 
  • Enhance educational programs and share intellectual capital by expanding educational programs, developing and disseminating new knowledge, and partnering with other institutions on research endeavors.

 Download our Strategic Plan (PDF)