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Classes & Workshops

Our Continuing Education offerings provide useful and practical information that will enhance your knowledge, whatever your level of gardening experience.

Whether a homeowner, hobby gardener, artist, horticulturist, or landscape professional, you will find something to stretch you and help you grow.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Three-session course. Focus on the identification and culture of bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and tubers that flower in summer.

Edible Plants

Six session course. This course will concentrate on identification, culture, landscape use, and culinary use.

Advanced Floral Design I

Six-session course. Work with increasingly challenging concepts and a broad variety of materials to create exceptional designs.

Landscape Design II

Ten-session course. Delve deeper into design creativity, detailed garden features, and more advanced graphics.

A Naturalist's Notebook

Shut down the judgmental side of your brain, and let your creative side shine through in this relaxing day in our Meadow Garden.

Pastels en Plein Air

Four-session course. Explore a different garden setting each week to capture its beauty en plein air.

Basic Floral Design I

Three-session course. Learn the fundamentals of floral design: how to condition flowers and use floral foam, tape, and wire.

Fearless Watercolor

Six session course. Relax, paint, laugh, and learn in this fun class open to all skill levels.

Botanical Illustration Studio

Nine week course. Use your artistic skills to illustrate plants and flowers from Longwood's greenhouses and outdoor grounds.

Weed Identification

Classroom instruction and field observation will focus on life cycles, key characteristics, and plant structures.

Deciduous Trees

Six-session course. This course will cover the identification and landscape uses of deciduous trees found in this region.

Pest Identification

Explore our vast outdoor landscape and observe and identify common pest signs and symptoms with an IPM specialist.

Plant Disease Identification

Learn to recognize the symptoms of plant disease, the conditions that cause them, and how to apply controls as necessary.

Plants that Heal

Join our horticulturalists to learn how a wide range of ornamental plants have been used medicinally.

A Day in Italia

Explore the Italian method of using volumes of flowers and color blocking to create dramatic, sculptural designs.

Bountiful Bulbs

Master techniques to increase your bulb inventory, especially for expensive bulbs!

Champion Tree Tour (Oct 6)

This pleasurable trip will have you on the lookout for the biggest, tallest, and oldest trees in our region.

The Afterlife of Trees

See how Longwood stewards its trees and keeps their legacy alive by transforming their wood into pieces used in the gardens.

Orchids for Beginners

This workshop introduces the popular genera of orchids and highlights those best suited for home and greenhouse growing.

Range of Light

Spend an early fall afternoon photographing a little-heralded section of the Gardens: the Vegetable and Student Exhibition Gardens.

Woodland Wonders

Woodland finds like lichen, moss-covered branches, and seed pods are wonderful, textural additions to a flower arrangement.


Abundance, fullness, plenty—set your Thanksgiving table with an opulent harvest centerpiece that appeals to all the senses.


Learn to take simple materials, choose the correct plants, and make creative, green additions to any space.