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Plant Science: 21 Century Trends Class

Plant Science: 21 Century Trends
Continuing Education

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Non-Members: $55

Members: $50

Attend the 2013 International Trials Conference at Longwood Gardens!  

To earn credit towards Certificate of Merit in Ornamental Horticulture Level III, register for the conference AND the enrichment review. 

Trends substantiated by emerging horticulture research and trials influence decisions that are being made in all areas of the horticulture industry. Understanding horticultural research and trial results adds to the body of knowledge horticulture professionals use to make decisions. In depth topics on the science, practicality and impact of horticultural plant trials will be covered by attending the 2013 International Trials Conference, which will meet the following criteria: 

  • Students will gain an understanding of the most current topics involved with trialing annual, perennial and woody plants. 

Noted experts will share their current research and experiences with trialing plants to foster an understanding of the science behind horticultural decision making. Speakers include:

  • Allan Armitage, University of Georgia 
  • Michael Dirr, University of Georgia 
  • Bernd Hertle, Weihenstephan University, Germany 
  • Timothy Howard, Clarity Connect 
  • Steve Hutton, Conard Pyle 
  • Jim Nau, Ball 
  • Kathy Miller, Trial Nurseries 
  • Lauri Scullin, The New Product Group 
  • Mike Uchneat, Garden Genetics 

The conference experience will be enriched and evaluated by the post-conference submission of targeted discussion questions to demonstrate the student's understanding of the topics presented and the implications for their horticultural practices and decision making. This class offering is directed to horticulture professional as well as continuing education students who are well versed in horticulture. If you are interested in the earning the Certificate of Merit in Ornamental Horticulture this class can be used to meet the requirement for Plant Science- Level III. The specified conference for 2013 is The International Plant Trails Conference being held at Longwood Gardens on September 16- 19, 2013. 

To register for the Conference, click here.

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