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Today's Horticulture Symposium

Today's Horticulture Symposium

Dates & Price


Symposium Fee: $125

This daylong symposium is hosted by the Professional Gardener Alumni Association of Longwood Gardens.

Friday, February 6

The event is sponsored by Longwood Gardens, Chanticleer Foundation, Mt. Cuba Center, and The Professional Gardener Alumni Association. It boasts a diverse lineup of speakers and features a plant sale with an eclectic offering of plants, books and tools. Symposium registrants will also gain access to the Gardens and will be treated to a warm buffet lunch.

All proceeds benefit educational programs sponsored by the Professional Gardener Alumni Association Program of Longwood Gardens.

View the symposium brochure for more about the speakers and to register by mail.

Attend Online

You may now participate in Today’s Horticulture anytime, anywhere. You can access the symposium webcast, live or on demand, using your preferred platform, including mobile device. To register for $35, click below. Or view the symposium brochure to register by mail.

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8:00am Registration

8:00 am–4:45 pm Plant Sale
Featuring an eclectic offering of plants, tools, and other items, proceeds from the sale benefit educational travel and other activities of the Professional Gardener Program of Longwood Gardens.

8:50 am Welcome
Shelby French, Symposium Chair

9:00 am The Wild World of Succulents,
Out of the Wild and into the Gardens
Kelly Griffin
Not only is he an accomplished breeder, Kelly is also a plant explorer with an especially keen eye for succulents. Today he will share some tales and plants from his forays into the wild, and uncover the unique habitats of these foreign worlds, still largely unknown.

9:45 am The Disorder of Disease
Ann Brooks Gould, Ph.D.
Between blights, scabs, and scorches, the garden can be a frightening place. Meet the usual suspects, as well as some new and nefarious players, as Dr. Gould shines a light on the symptoms, signs, and biology of these pathogens, and readies us for defense.

10:30 am Break

11:00 am Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener
Joseph Tychonievich, Ph.D.
Have you ever wanted to create new plants for your garden but thought it would be too difficult? Turns out it is easier and more fun than you think! Learn the basics of plant breeding and get inspired to create your own plants specific to your garden, tastes, and whimsy.

Please select either Track 1 or Track 2

Track 1
11:45 am–12:45 pm The Botany of Beer
Julie Jenney
Beer is one of the world’s oldest prepared beverages and its craft industry is in the midst of an unprecedented boom. Join Julie as she guides us through the plants, history, controversies, and customs of these vogue and versatile suds.

12:45–1:45 pm Lunch, Terrace Restaurant

Track 2
11:45 am–1:00 pm Lunch, Terrace Restaurant

1:00–1:45 pm Vegetable Gardening with Flair
Jessica Walliser
Take your vegetable garden from boring to brilliant! Creating a patchwork of colorful veggies makes the garden as ornamental as it is productive, lures in pollinators and beneficial insects, and keeps the neighbors gawking. Organic growing tips, soil amendments, and the 4-cycle crop rotation will be discussed.

1:55 pm Managing Natural Lands in the 21st Century
Robert Line
In recent decades natural areas land management has evolved to include proactive efforts to protect ecosystem integrity and function. Join Rob as he discusses daunting new challenges for land management, as well as an overview of current practices and potential future outcomes.

2:40 pm Break

3:05 pm Inevitable Garden Design
Gordon Hayward
In this presentation, award-winning author and landscape designer Gordon Hayward will distill some of the lessons gleaned during his thirty year career of designing gardens. By observing the land, and by working with the client to balance mind and emotion, we can create compelling residential landscapes that hold these complex relationships in balance—design that feels inevitable.

4:00 pm Closing Remarks