About Nightscape

The Making of Nightscape

Creating a light and sound experience across a landscape as large and diverse as our Gardens requires close collaboration between our staff and Klip Collective’s creative team.

Director's Statement
The Art of Nightscape
The Music of Nightscape

Klip Collective is a Philadelphia-based experiential art shop whose award-winning work in projection content couples technology with storytelling to create compelling experiences. Video artist and Nightscape director Ricardo Rivera has been making site-specific video installations for over 15 years. Creating Nightscape for Longwood Gardens was one of Ricardo’s most ambitious projects. We invited him to return, revise, and “remix” Nightscape for 2016—and we think you’ll find it just as rewarding.

Hear from Nightscape Creative Director, Ricardo Rivera.

For Nightscape, Klip Collective maps beautiful colors and patterns onto living trees and plants, lakes and pools, and architectural and sculptural features in our Gardens. The team had to consider practical logistics, like where to locate projectors and lighting for the best effect. They had to familiarize themselves with the broad scope of our Gardens and the intricacies of our many plant specimens. Long hours of creative effort, experimentation, and testing ended with the creation of an exhibition like no other.

Explore the major art installations of Nightscape.

Klip Collective has worked hard to heighten every aspect of your Nightscape experience. They’ve added new installations in the Conservatory’s Exhibition Hall, the Mediterranean Garden, and the Waterlily Display. They’ve tripled the number of LED lights in the paths through Peirce’s Wood, created an enchanting new focal point at Love Temple, and reimagined the experience at the Carpinus Hedge leading to Flower Garden Walk. And they have deepened the sound experience by remixing classical pieces into something new and delightful, adding cello, harp, flute, and even the spoken word—all performed by local artists and musicians.

Learn more about the music of Nightscape.

In short, together, we’ve created a more cohesive and affecting whole. We hope you’ll find Nightscape as exciting as we do.