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  • Trifoliate-orange

    In addition to fragrant, white, spring flowers and interesting green stems and thorns, the citrus-like fruit of this thorny shrub gives it a unique interest in late summer and early autumn.  The small fruits will turn from green to orange and have a slightly sour and acidic taste.  The skin can be candied or made into marmalade. 
  • Beautyberry

    Beautyberry is a deciduous shrub with tiny, lavender flowers in summer, which form into showy, bright purple fruit that cover the arching slender branches in autumn. This tall shrub makes a lovely impact in the Garden with its burst of autumn color, whether as a single specimen or when planted in mass.  The fruit also provides a food source for many birds.

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From in-bloom flowers to just-ripening fruits, each and every efflorescence can be found in our plant collections database. Time your trip around unfurling petals or reflect on the names of what you saw in a particular garden—our Plant Explorer is here to help.

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