Our Plants

  • Clivia

    With soft, pastel-colored flowers, Clivia miniata ‘Longwood Sunset’ is a color breakthrough for our 40-year-old clivia breeding program. The umbel displays impressive flowers, measuring between 4 and 5 inches across, above a collection of dark green leaves. Salmon tones imbue the reflexed, overlapping tepals with hues of a blushing sunset. These soft colors are emphasized by a contrasting, butter yellow and white throat. A small detail that truly makes this selection unique, though, is the thin, red-orange picotee margin that subtly outlines the tepals. This selection also appeals to the sense of smell as it opens with a light, pleasant fragrance.
  • Pride-of-Madeira

    Native to Madeira, a group of islands southwest of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean, this tender subshrub is one of the stars of our early spring Conservatory display.  Grown from cuttings, it takes a little more than a year to get a new cutting to the size of the plant you see on display.

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From in-bloom flowers to just-ripening fruits, each and every efflorescence can be found in our plant collections database. Time your trip around unfurling petals or reflect on the names of what you saw in a particular garden—our Plant Explorer is here to help.

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