Smiling people follow a guide in a hat on a walk through a meadow.
Holden Barnes

Self-Guided Tour Resources

  • A Longwood Gardens Trail Guide
    A dirt path lead into a bright green forest of trees

    A Longwood Gardens Trail Guide

    From shaded woodland paths to sunny wildflower-lined trails, our Gardens provide perfect spots for relaxed strolls as well as more energetic treks. Take a peek at just a few of our welcoming walking trails below and discover much more with a visit to our Gardens.

  • Take a Self-Guided Bird Walk
    A Eastern Bluebird perched on an evergreen branch.

    Take a Self-Guided Bird Walk

    Bring your binoculars and wander through the Gardens while seeking out some of our most beloved feathered friends! From majestic great herons near our Hourglass Lake to chatty mockingbirds in our Meadow Garden, this guide helps you find a variety of interesting birds throughout the seasons.

  • Voices in the Landscape
    collage of landscape images, along with people important in Black History

    Voices in the Landscape

    Take a self-guided tour celebrating the strength, resilience, and contributions of the African American community through the lens of horticulture and the power of story.