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We offer tours for all our guests to join on the day of your visit. School groups may book a curriculum program and groups of 15 may book a private tour.

Tours are offered on select days and are subject to change. Please check schedule below.

Upcoming Events

Beginner Bird Hikes

Select Saturdays, 9:00 am

Join our volunteers as they introduce you to bird watching on an easy hike through the Meadow. Free with Gardens Admission.

Meadow Birding Hikes

Select Sundays, 9:00 am

Join our birding volunteers as they lead you through the Meadow in search of resident and migratory birds. Free with Gardens Admission.

Birds of Longwood Walks

Select Days, 9:00 am

Join experienced guides on a quest to discover Longwood's feathery inhabitants. Free with Gardens Admission.

Garden Story Tour

Select Days, 2:00 pm

Explore the highlights of Longwood’s historic gardens on a guided walking tour. Free with Gardens Admission.