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When visiting Longwood Gardens, you are immersed not only in the breathtaking surroundings but in a rich history as well. The traditions and elegance of the gardens have evolved over decades to create the magnificence we have today. Step back in time to learn about these important cultural events and their contributions.

1700- 1906: The Rise and Fall of Peirce's Park

1870-1954: Pierre S. du Pont

1906-1916: A Country Place

1916-1926: Grand Style Gardening

1926-1936: Flowers, Fountains & Music

1936-1946: Ensuring Longwood's Future

1946-1956: Private to Public

1956-1966: Educating the Public

1966-1976: Improvement

1976-1986: Grand Pleasures

1986-1996: The Art of the Gardens

1996-2006: Grand Designs

2006-Present: The Next Century