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Classes & Workshops

Our Continuing Education offerings provide useful and practical information that will enhance your knowledge, whatever your level of gardening experience.

Whether a homeowner, hobby gardener, artist, horticulturist, or landscape professional, you will find something to help you grow.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Edible Plants

6 sessions. This course will concentrate on identification, culture, landscape use, and culinary use.

Pastels in Plein Air

4 sessions. Explore a different garden setting each week to capture its beauty en plein air.

Fearless Watercolor

6 sessions. Relax, paint, laugh, and learn in this fun class open to all skill levels.

Weed Identification (Fall)

Classroom instruction and field observation will focus on life cycles, key characteristics, and plant structures.

Photo Op! 2019

Enjoy the serenity of the evening at Longwood and learn from four photographers.

Landscape Design II

10 sessions. Delve more deeply into design creativity, detailed garden features, and more advanced graphics.

Designing for Exhibition

Learn the hows and whys of entering a flower show and create your very own arrangement to take home.

Grow & Know: Dahlias

Take a trip with us to The Farm at Oxford and get a chance to learn from dahlia grower extraordinaire Mara Tyler.

Aquatic Plants

3 sessions. Dive deep into these beautiful, mysterious plants and learn how to add a water garden to your property.

Waterlilies in Oil Pastels

Using vibrant oil pastels, capture the beauty and serenity of Longwood's magnificent waterlily collection.

Yes, Yu-ca-tan!

Create a centerpiece with flowers originating from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Grand Design

Create a large-scale design that is sure to elicit a “wow” response.

Sogetsu Demonstration

Headmaster Akane Teshigahara creates Ikebana arrangements in the Sogetsu School style and shares insights into her design inspiration and vision.

Sogetsu Workshop

In this hands-on workshop led by Headmaster Akane Teshigahara, create a distinctive, elegant design that exudes a sense of harmony, balance, and well-being.

Versatile Bamboo

Learn about types of bamboo, as well as many creative ways it can be used in free-style Ikebana arrangements.

Advanced Floral Design II

3 sessions. Create your own design signature with advanced techniques in this exciting capstone course.

Identifying Invasives (Fall)

Join our Natural Lands experts to explore the life history, identification, and management of invasive plants in our region.