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  • Acacia Passage
    sun shines through glass windows into a long hallway with green plants, yellow flowers, and hanging baskets


    Acacia Passage

    From the pendulous branches of the Acacia leprosa, puffs of sunny yellow emerge in February and March—offering a very welcome burst of optimistic color and fragrance amidst winter’s muted tones.

  • Cascade Garden
    A small waterfall empties into an indoor pool surrounded by large green tropical plants


    Cascade Garden

    Space Will Re-Open in 2024
    Transport yourself to a richly textured mosaic of lush, equatorial plants and soaring splendor, designed especially for Longwood by renowned 20th-century landscape architect, artist, activist, and botanist Roberto Burle Marx (1909–94).

  • East Conservatory
    Sun. streams through the glass ceiling of a conservatory on a pathway lined with green bushes and tall plans with a hanging lamp


    East Conservatory

    Experience an unparalleled sensory journey through lush plantings, soaring classical architecture, and tranquil water features, including waterfalls, pools, and fountains under a half-acre of glass.

  • East Conservatory Plaza
    Two people sit along levels of freshly cut grass in the summer with green tress behind


    East Conservatory Plaza

    A feat of artistic vision and expert engineering, five tiers of sweeping, grass-covered terraces emerge like steps from the land, providing a grand transition from the forest to the Conservatory.

  • Flower Garden Walk & Compartment Gardens
    Sun shines on a circular fountain with a brick pathway in the background leading through green garden beds


    Flower Garden Walk & Compartment Gardens

    In Pierre S. du Pont’s very first garden at Longwood, 600 feet of dazzling hues of orchestrated botanical forms will take your breath away in one of our most popular (and photographed!) gardens.

  • Forest Walk
    Two children holding toy airplanes run along a wooden walkway out of a wooden treehouse


    Forest Walk

    Wander paths in a realm of scenic, intimate woodland beauty, shaded by soaring tulip-trees and the canopy of other deciduous hardwoods. Don’t miss two of our famed treehouses for a squirrel’s eye view into sylvan serenity.

  • Green Wall
    A luscious wall of green ferns and other plants lines a hallway of doors


    Green Wall

    When nature calls, don’t miss this fern-laden glen of lush, vertical vegetation planted along 4,000 square feet. At the end of the hallway, a circular reflecting pool of marble awaits your gaze.

  • Hillside Garden
    a walkway lined with green trees and shrubs


    Hillside Garden

    Dappled sun flirts with open vistas and shady, intimate perspectives as you wander the paths past beds brimming with a who’s who of rare and unique plants from around the world, set to the occasional tones of the historic Chimes Tower.

  • Historic Main Conservatory
    A stone walkway leads between two garden beds of red and green plants with a green hanging backset and curved window in the distance, all under a glass conservatory


    Historic Main Conservatory

    In this ever-changing indoor space of perpetual bloom and uncommon, elegant beauty, familiar specimens flourish alongside mature trees and hanging baskets of intricately grown flowers, while a sunken marble pool and lush green lawns beckon.

  • Idea Garden
    A brick walkway with a wooden bench winds through green garden beds with fountains in the distance


    Idea Garden

    Horticultural inspiration comes closer to home in this inspired and beloved garden, where educational, experimental approaches to gardening and design are explored using plant varieties that can be reliably grown by home gardeners in the mid-Atlantic region.

  • Indoor Children’s Garden
    a small fountain in the middle with building structures and green trees surrounding it


    Indoor Children’s Garden

    Let your kids get lost in a lush jungle of draping vines, drooling dragons, and secret stairways. Take a breather on a nearby bench as they shake their sillies in this whimsical realm of discovery.

  • Italian Water Garden
    A long rectangular water garden of five pools and multiple fountains extends out in a large area surrounded by green trees under a blue sky


    Italian Water Garden

    Enclosed by pristine allées of littleleaf lindens and mature evergreens, this formal space, with its symmetrical blue-tiled pools and splashing fountains, offers the allure of a secret garden.

  • Large & Small Lake
    A small stone decorative structure is seen across a large lake surrounded by green trees


    Large & Small Lake

    Take in the expansive views of rolling green lawns, midnight-blue water, and trees that reach for the sky. Nearby Cathedral Canopy Treehouse offers a chance for inspired exploration and new-found vistas.

  • Main Fountain Garden
    A large display of fountains shoots skyward above a stone facade, with green gardens and smaller fountains in the foreground.


    Main Fountain Garden

    Splendor awaits in this European-inspired, world-class destination: think classic garden design, extravagant theater, astounding choreography, a spectrum of color, musical accompaniment, and, on special occasions, fireworks!

  • Meadow Garden
    a curving bridge punctuates a large grassy meadow under a blue sky


    Meadow Garden

    Enjoy expansive vistas, sweeps of stunning native plants, and a tapestry of texture as you wander miles of trails past carefully managed wetlands, ponds, open fields, and the forest’s edge, set to the hum of busy insects and rustling plants.

  • Oak and Conifer Knoll
    A path winds through a walkway of green trees and bushes


    Oak and Conifer Knoll

    Towering, century-old trees and sun-dappled vistas await in this living gallery of champion specimens with four seasons of stunning highlights. In the early spring, sweeps of colorful geophytes bloom to create a stunning tapestry.

  • Open Air Theatre & Theatre Garden
    partially overhead view of fountain jets shooting up from a sea green stage, against a backdrop of tall green trees


    Open Air Theatre & Theatre Garden

    Framed by a canopy of towering trees and clipped arborvitae, this Italian-style, outdoor garden theater has come alive with countless performances of every kind since its debut in 1914, and features fountain performances throughout the day.

  • Orchid House
    Sun shines through glass and a metal trellis filled with orchids and green plants


    Orchid House

    Our new Orchid House is an open, gallery-like space with a new glass roof and restored interior and exterior concrete. Hundreds of orchids displayed in custom frame trellises and our restored bronze case showcase the beauty and diversity of our renowned orchid collection.

  • Peirce’s Park
    sun shines through a line of trees on to a wooden bench sitting on path made of wood chips


    Peirce’s Park

    Home to two notable allées of stately and spectacular trees, this area is where Longwood’s story begins. Enjoy woodland wildflowers and soaring tree specimens, many of which are more than 100 years old.

  • Peirce-du Pont House
    A hanging basket is seen in the distance in a small house conservatory with green plants, metal railings, and a lamppost


    Peirce-du Pont House

    Step back in time for a glimpse into the lives of the du Ponts and the Peirce family at one of the oldest buildings at Longwood. Not to be missed: a Monstera deliciosa vine that’s been there since the mid-1900s.

  • Peirce’s Woods
    A stone gazebo sits beside a small lake tucked into a forest of bright green trees


    Peirce’s Woods

    This award-winning woodland garden, designed by W.Gary Smith, showcases mighty oaks, ashes, maples, and tulip-trees that tower over 200 species of native plants and cultivars, offering seasonal interest from spring through fall.

  • Rose Garden
    A stone walkway leades to a small bench among garden beds of yellow, pink, and green plants with large water fountain streams seen in the background


    Rose Garden

    Striking colors, heady fragrances, and soft textures bud, bloom, and sway harmoniously from spring through fall, providing countless ways to celebrate the rose—and her many beautiful friends.

  • Silver Garden
    morning sun shines through glass windows into a conservatory room filled with desert plants along a stone pathway


    Silver Garden

    Designed by Isabelle Green, a meandering pathway of slate, snakes through rocky outcroppings of spiky, textural plants in otherworldly hues of platinum, cool green, and soft blue.

  • Topiary Garden
    A couple sits on the ground surrounded by shaped topiary with a child running in the distance during sunset


    Topiary Garden

    From playful bunnies to fanciful spirals, you’ll find more than 35 specimens of meticulously maintained, highly cultivated yews (as well as spirited games of hide and seek)  in our Topiary Garden.