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The Fellows Program is a unique leader-development program that focuses on refining the skill level and heightening the self-awareness of leaders within public horticulture.  It is designed similarly to the highest-quality leader development programs available today with 27% of the focus spent on text and case-based discussions, 22% spent on learning from regional and global public horticulture leaders, and 51% spent on pragmatic experiences gained via departmental immersion, a two-month field placement, and a collective cohort project.

The Program is guided by the legacy of visionary business leader Pierre S. du Pont and is grounded in the literature of experts within the disciplines of leadership, organizational behavior, and nonprofit management.

“Since 1967, thousands of students from all over the world have participated in our education programs and have gone on to leadership roles in many of the world’s top horticultural institutions. The Fellows Program carries with it the legacy of its beginnings, with a consciousness of the fast-growing demands on leaders in our industry.”

-Paul B. Redman, President & Chief Executive Officer of Longwood Gardens 

What’s It Like to Be a Longwood Fellow?

Hear from Director Tamara Fleming and current Fellow Becky Paxton to gain a better understanding of the program, expectations, and the application process.