Our Districts

Our six districts represent distinct regions of our nearly 200 acres and are meant to help our guests direct their visit to our Gardens. Each district is unique, from the formal layout and highly manicured plantings of the Main Fountain Garden District to the sweeping vistas across natural lands in the Meadow & Forest District, you will be sure to find something new every time you visit.

Explore the Districts

  • Chimes Tower District
    Aerial view of large grassy area with a small pond and stone tower surrounded by a forest


    Chimes Tower District

    A stunning hillside of rare, expertly edited plants, a historic bell tower anchored on a 50-foot waterfall, and award-winning trees beckon, all within view of the majestic Main Fountain Garden.

  • Conservatory District
    Aerial view of large conservatory complex with a glass ceiling


    Conservatory District

    Considered the centerpiece of Longwood Gardens, stunning 19th-century architecture works in harmony with a perpetual flower show under acres of glass. Explore dazzling displays and otherworldly plant species through a series of breathtaking rooms.

  • House & Theater District
    Aerial view of house and theater gardens filled with trees, a small fountain garden, and brick house


    House & Theater District

    Developed with the specific purpose of display and performance, experience a vista to the early days of Longwood, taking in views that Pierre and his family enjoyed more than a century ago, including Peirce’s Park and Peirce’s Woods.

  • Lakes District
    Aerial view of green areas with a small lake to the left and a larger lake to the right


    Lakes District

    Open vistas, rolling green lawns, sparkling water, and splashing fountains recall a European holiday from days gone by, reminding us of the joy of fresh air, a nice walk, and an exquisite view.

  • Main Fountain Garden District
    Aerial view of a large fountain garden to the upper right, a topiary garden at the top, and a lined flower bed garden at the bottom


    Main Fountain Garden District

    The classical gardens and grand theatre of this district have captivated guests for more than 90 years. Inspired by Pierre S. du Pont’s travels to Europe’s great water gardens, world’s fairs, and expositions, the Main Fountain Garden highlights horticulture, engineering marvels, and the beauty of exceptional design.

  • Meadow & Forest District
    Aerial view of large gold meadow garden with forest areas surrounding it


    Meadow & Forest District

    The expansive landscape of the Meadow and Forest District harmonizes the best practices in ecological restoration with garden design—showcasing horticultural excellence and beauty while prioritizing plant and animal communities.