wire tunnel wrapped in white Christmas lights

Tunnel Vision

By Katie Mobley, on

Among the most spectacular elements of this year’s A Longwood Christmas outdoor display is our new Meadow Garden tunnel. With its carefully thought-out design, the tunnel provides an immersive experience, encircling those who explore it in an expanse of 7,000 gold and warm white lights. Nestled along a tree-lined path skirting the Meadow Garden, the tunnel playfully blends within its surroundings ... but its elegance and sense of wonder most definitely stand out.

Designed by Longwood Outdoor Landscape Manager Troy Sellers and constructed by Longwood Senior Mechanic and Fabricator Dave Thomson, the 140-foot-long metal tunnel from start to finish was conceived of and made in-house, thanks to our expert craftsmen and outdoor landscape team.

Oval in shape, the tunnel stands 9 feet high and 10 feet wide, allowing guests plenty of space to comfortably walk through, while still feeling enveloped by light and warmth. A total 280 strands of light span the tunnel, each strand spaced 6 inches apart, and each bulb spaced 6 inches from the last on each strand. The tunnel’s slightly curved line creates the impression that the lights continue on and—when viewed at just the right angle—without an end in sight.

Take a photo journey of our Meadow Tunnel installation below … and experience it in person during A Longwood Christmas, on view through January 5.

The tunnel was designed and constructed as a series of modular pieces. Photo by Zach Longacre.
Steel aircraft cables connect the tunnel's modular hoops. Photo by Zach Longacre.
With its frame in place, the tunnel awaits its strings of light. Photo by Bob Doerr.
Strands of gold and warm white lights are spaced six inches apart of one another, spanning the entire 140 feet of tunnel. Photo by Duane Erdmann.

A daytime test of the tunnel's lights hints at magic to come. Photo by Zach Longacre.
The sun begins to set and the lights begin to glow. Photo by Carol DeGuiseppi.
Our Meadow Tunnel in its nighttime glory. Come explore! Photo by Hank Davis.

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