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Growing Clivia From Seed

April 10, 2009
In late winter and spring, your <em>Clivia</em> may be displaying some beautiful fruit. <em>Clivia</em> with yellow flowers will produce yellow fruit, while <em>Clivia</em> with orange flowers will produce red fruit. The fruit is actually a berry that contains seeds inside. If your<em> Clivia</em> did not produce fruit this year, it may not have been pollinated. Pollination is a simple act that is accomplished by taking ripe pollen that sheds easily from the anthers onto your finger or a Q-tip, and placing it on the stigma.


April 3, 2009
Hello again from the waterlily pools! This week we are beginning the process of removing old soil from the pools.  Each spring we drain the pools and dig out approximately 50 cubic yards of soil.

Waterlily Season Has Begun!

March 25, 2009
The start of another waterlily season brings with it great anticipation as we began this week to uncover the pools. But is this ritual of uncovering the pools really the start of another season?  No!  Several activities have already started to take  place behind-the-scenes in preparation for the opening of the display.

A View of South Africa at Longwood

March 13, 2009
It's still officially winter according to the calendar, but the indoor gardens are bursting from the seams with springtime color! My personal favorite is the Mediterranean Garden with its carpet of winter bulbs...

Planning the Container Garden

February 26, 2009
Each winter starts pretty much the same way. Relief!