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Journal Articles

The following journal articles were authored by Longwood staff members. Contact our Library to access the articles.

Johnson, L.R., B. Breger, and F. Drummond. 2019. Novel plant–insect interactions in an urban environment: enemies, protectors, and pollinators of invasive knotweeds. Ecosphere 10:e02885.

Johnson, L.R. and S.N. Handel. 2019. Management intensity steers the long-term fate of ecological restoration in urban woodlands. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 41:85–92.

Hyoung Tae Kim, P.J. Zale, and Ki-Byung Lim. 2018. Complete plastome sequence of Lilium pardalinum Kellogg (Liliaceae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 3:2, 478-479. DOI: 10.1080/23802359.2018.1463826

Brennan, A., V. Pence, M. D. Taylor, B. Trader, and M. Westwood. 2017. Tissue Culture Using Mature Material for the Conservation of Oaks. HortTechnology 27:644-649.

Meyer, M. H., B. Fair, J. E. Klett, K. Moore, H. B. Pemberton, L. Perry, J. Rozum, A. Shay, and M. D. Taylor. 2017. Switchgrass and little bluestem cultivars show performance variation across eight states in National Grass Trials. HortTechnology 27:731-738.

Brennan, A., V. Pence, M. Taylor, B. Trader, and M. Westwood. 2016. The effect of 6-benzylaminopurine, a cytokinin, on budforcing of twelve oak species. Proceedings of the International Plant Propagators Society Eastern Region. Acta Horticulturae 1140:331-334.

Johnson, L.R. and S.N. Handel. 2016. Restoration treatments in urban park forests drive long-term changes in vegetation trajectories. Ecological Applications. doi:10.1890/14-2063.1

Taylor, M.D. 2016. Considerations for commercial plant introduction from public gardens. Sibbaldia 14:169-180.

Taylor, M.D., R. Kreis, and L. Rejto. 2016. Establishing growing substrate pH with compost and limestone and the impact on pH buffering capacity. HortScience 51:1153-1158.

Wilson, B., M.D. Taylor, and P. Zale. 2016. Vegetative stem cutting propagation of Idesia polycarpa. Journal of Environmental Horticulture 34:91-93.

Zale, P.J., D.W.H. Robarts, and P. Jourdan. 2016. Genome size and ploidy level in Phlox species and cultivars: Mat forming taxa from eastern and western North America. Scientia Horticulturae 203:53-61.

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Petravich, A., J. Harbage, and M.D. Taylor. 2015. Clivia miniata ‘Longwood Debutante’, Clivia miniata ‘Longwood Fireworks’, and Clivia miniata ‘Longwood Sunrise’. HortScience 50:1092-1095.

Taylor, M.D. 2014. Preventing death and Taxus: A review and recommendations for managing Taxus in the landscape. Arboriculture and Urban Forestry 40:345-350.

Taylor, M.D., and D. Lohr. 2013. Effects of ammonium to nitrate ratios on substrate pH shifts during growth of Calibrachoa with alkaline water. Acta Horticulturae 1014:301-304.

Johnson, L.R. 2012. Changing the land: Integrating ecological science with design. Scenario Journal 1:3. 

Panchen, Z. A., R.B. Primack, T. Aniśko, and R.E. Lyons. 2012. Herbarium specimens, photographs, and field observations show Philadelphia area plants are responding to climate change. American Journal of Botany 4:751-756.

Raup, A., and M.D. Taylor. 2012. Cutting type and auxin treatment affect rooting of Cupressus cashmeriana. Journal of Environmental Horticulture 30:211-213.

Taylor, M.D., and Y. Arakawa. 2012. The effect of seed sowing date on growth and inflorescence size of Echium simplex. Acta Horticulturae 1014:311-312.

Kuehny, J., M.D. Taylor, and M.R. Evans. 2011. Greenhouse and landscape performance of bedding plants in biocontainers. HortTechnology 21:155-161.

Evans, M.R., M. Taylor, and J. Kuehny. 2010. Physical properties of biocontainers for greenhouse crops production. HortScience 20:549-555.

Magazine Articles

The following magazine articles were written by Longwood plant experts. Contact our Library to access the articles. Special thanks to American NurserymanGreenhouse Grower, and to the American Camellia Society for permission to re-post the articles.

Zale, P.J. and G. Griffis. Pending. Longwood Gardens Orchid Collection Profile. Proceedings of the World Orchid Conference, Taichung, Taiwan.

Kelaidis, P.K., B.T. Tankersley, and P.J. Zale. November 2019. Extract on Report on the Plant Collecting Collaborative Expedition to Georgia 2018. International Rock Gardener, Journal of Scottish Rock Garden Club.

Taylor, M. Winter 2019. Nutrition from Within: How composting is nourishing the needs (and seeds) of our plant collection. Longwood Chimes 298:8-11.

Meyer, M., P. Bennett, B. Fair, J. Klett, K. Moore, H. B. Pemberton, L. Perry, J. Rozum, A. Shay, and M. Taylor. August 2018. Know the Difference: Despite their large native range, national grass trials show plant variation across the U.S. Nursery Management 34(8):18-24.

Zale, P.J. 2018. Developments in Phlox in the U.S. The Plantsman 17(1):44-51.

Zale, P.J. 2018. Insights from a Sole Survivor: Quercus castaneifolia. Arnoldia 75(3):35-43.

Zale, P.J. 2018. Conserving the Wild Orchid. Longwood Chimes 296:6-12.

Zale, P. and Scott Wade. 2018. Collections Focus: Peirce’s Trees collection at Longwood Gardens. Public Garden 33(3):20-21.

Zale, P. and J. Harbage. 2018. Collections Focus: Chrysanthemum collection at Longwood Gardens. Public Garden 33(3):18-19.

Zale, P.J. 2017. Collections Focus: Boxwood collection at Longwood Gardens. Public Garden 32(1):18-19.

Zale, P.J. 2016. Native orchid conservation at Longwood Gardens. Native Orchid Conference Journal 13(4):2-9.

Zale, P.J. 2016. Collections focus: Box wood collection at Longwood Gardens. Public Gardens.

Taylor, M., and P. Zale. 2016. A quest for hardiness: Tracing the legacy of camellias at Longwood. Longwood Chimes 292:6-7.

Maganja, R., and M. Taylor. 2015. Grow your own mealybug destroyers. GrowerTalks 79(8):72-74.

Zale, P.J. 2015. A short review of Lilium catesbaei. The Quarterly Bulletin of the North American Lily Society 69(1):9-12.

Zale, P.J. 2015. Farthest Myanmar revisited: Part 1. The Quarterly Bulletin of the North American Lily Society 69(1):23-25.

Zale, P.J. 2015. Farthest Myanmar revisited: Part 2. The Quarterly Bulletin of the North American Lily Society 69(2):4-6.

Wilson, B., and M. Taylor. 2015. The wild side: How expeditions to collect wild boxwood inform the future of our collection. Longwood Chimes 290:6-7.

Wilson, B., and M. Taylor. 2014. A look at Longwood’s boxwood collection. The Boxwood Bulletin 53(3):34.

Taylor, M., and B. Jackson. April 2014. The beef on biochar. AmericanHort News.

Hall, E., and T. Aniśko. 2013. Storied landscape: Boxwood at Longwood Gardens. The Boxwood Bulletin 53(1):10-14.

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Hall, E., and T. Aniśko. March 2013. Colorful Callicarpa. American Nurseryman, p. 6-12.

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Wilson, B. May-June 2013. Silverleaf hydrangea. Pennsylvania Gardener, p. 61.

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Harbage J., A. Petravich, R. Armstrong, and M.Taylor. 2011.The quest for a double-flowering yellow Clivia miniata at Longwood Gardens. Clivia News 20(2):25-26.

Taylor M., M. Evans, and J. Kuehny. May 2011. Biocontainers—water requirements. Greenhouse Management and Production, p. 32-34.

Wilson, B. 2011. Heath and heather trials at Longwood Gardens. Heather Notes 21(1):6.

Taylor, M. 2011. The quest for hardy camellias at Longwood Gardens. 2010 American Camellia Yearbook, p. 54-59.

Wilson, B. Jan.-Feb. 2011. Winterberry holly. Pennsylvania Gardener, p. 61.

Taylor, M., and E. Leinbach. 2011. The Camellia azalea breeding program at Longwood Gardens. The Camellia Digest 10/11:47-50.

Wilson, B. C., and T. Aniśko. 2011. Brilliant Baccharis. American Nurseryman 211(11):6-9.

Kaufman, M., and T. Aniśko. 2011. Resilient Rhus. American Nurseryman 211(2):8-11.

Wilson, B. Nov.-Dec. 2011. ‘Longwood Gold’ Foster’s holly. Pennsylvania Gardener, p. 59.

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Taylor, M. 2010. Breeding compatibility of Camellia azalea. American Camellia Yearbook 2009, p. 18-23.

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