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Since 1906, our Gardens have been a source of joy, a place of community, and a way to connect with one another through shared experiences. We are honored to be a part of so many of your memories … memories that we are excited to highlight through our new #LongwoodLove initiative.

Through the years, our Members have built a community and through #LongwoodLove we hope to connect with one another more deeply through these challenging times. As a Member, we encourage you to share your Longwood memories with us, as well as explore the stories of others.

We’ll be sharing Member memories on this page and in Longwood from Home, our weekly Member enewsletter.

Your Longwood Love

Longwood Gardens has been the site of family memories since I was 12 years old. My parents would take me and my three younger siblings to Longwood to see the fountains. We were so excited to be up past bedtime and watching the main fountain show. We would run around on the grass, playing, and then we would sit on blankets for the show.

Longwood became my happy place once I became a mother. My daughter and I would wander through the wonders in spring, summer, fall and always for Christmas. My husband even comes at Christmas now because he knows how special the lights are me. 

As my daughter grew, it became a special place for my Mom, my daughter and me to visit together. Our son-in-law proposed to our daughter during the Valentine Gala in February 2010, and he knew early on how special the place is to us.

In September 2013, our daughter was due with her first child. My mom and I asked if she would like to walk the gardens and she agreed. We walked for hours and then ended the evening watching the show at the Main Fountain Show. During the Sousa, the baby began kicking up a storm. Alexis went into labor that night and our grandson was born the next day. 

Since then, another grandson and another lover of Longwood. Needless to say, we are missing Longwood, but we are safe and healthy. My mom, my daughter and I visit every September to commemorate the visit that walked our grandson out. ~Lynn M.

The Meadow has always been a place of solitude and self-reflection during my long walks. I was drawn to these butterflies which reminded me of my three sons who grew up enjoying the beauty of Longwood Gardens. They recently sent a video thanking me for encouraging them to pursue their passions and dreams which lead them to Los Angeles and Montreal ... so far from Kennett Square. I miss them very much, but am grateful that they have learned to fly with courage and self-confidence. ~ Kathy H. 

I have so many family memories at Longwood Gardens that I wouldn’t be able to talk about all of them in one sitting. Christmas was the start of our adventures at Longwood Gardens and we’ve been coming for orchids in March, tulips in spring and for the summer children’s gardens. My children (now adults in college) now have a deep love for plants and flowers as it is a hobby. I grow orchids, my son is growing fruits and veggies and my daughter loves and grow succulents. The photo is particularly special because both of my daughters are with me. It makes me so happy because I’m missing them so much right now. Thank you Longwood Gardens for being a precious part of my family memories. ~Angela D.

This photo is of my mother, Dolores, and my sister, Robin, and brother, Jeff. It is from 1965. I am the one in the stroller at 1-year old. I have been coming here with my family since then. My fondest memory as a toddler and youngster is Christmas. We lived in Delaware and the trek to Longwood was an adventure for us. We didn't have much, but at Christmas, we would drive all the way to Longwood Gardens and drive through the parking lot to see the "honey bee hive trees" decorated with lights. These were trees with the old "Noma" lights wrapped is a horizontal spiral pattern and looked like a honey bee hive at night. We would drive the perimeter of the parking lot and then go home. It was a highlight of Christmas. Since then, I am now 56 and have moved to Kennett Square six minutes from Longwood and am a Member. Glad to have it open again to enjoy its beauty. Thank you! ~Keith H. 

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