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Peirce’s Woods Sentinel Oak

April 30, 2009
It is very sad to lose a tree, especially one as old as the Sentinel Oak. That is why it was such a joyous occasion today, as we planted a new Sentinel Oak!

The Idea Garden Spring Bulb Display

April 29, 2009
Recently Longwood staff has developed a new bulb display in the Idea Garden. This display plays two major roles; as a strong educational component both for our guests and staff, and is a strong display in itself. The display primarily features tulips and Narcissus (daffodils), displaying division types of each, grown in a trial garden setting where we can observe varieties new to Longwood.

Jazz in Bloom

April 27, 2009
Longwood is thrilled to welcome Jazz Singer Denise King at a “guest blogger” on Behind-the-Plants! Denise will be performing at Longwood this Saturday, during the Wine & Jazz Festival, as the opening act for McCoy Tyner. This will mark her second appearance at the Festival. Find out more about Denise on her MySpace page.

Tulips in Full Bloom!

April 22, 2009
Since the third week of February, we have been watching with anticipation as the tulip foliage emerges from its slumbering place in the earth. Nothing is more welcoming after a long winter than the colorful arrival of the first tulips of spring.

Growing Clivia From Seed

April 10, 2009
In late winter and spring, your <em>Clivia</em> may be displaying some beautiful fruit. <em>Clivia</em> with yellow flowers will produce yellow fruit, while <em>Clivia</em> with orange flowers will produce red fruit. The fruit is actually a berry that contains seeds inside. If your<em> Clivia</em> did not produce fruit this year, it may not have been pollinated. Pollination is a simple act that is accomplished by taking ripe pollen that sheds easily from the anthers onto your finger or a Q-tip, and placing it on the stigma.