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International Trials Conference Post Conference Tour

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mt. Cuba Center

Mt. Cuba Center is a 600 acre non-profit horticultural organization focused on the study of native plants of the eastern United States, with an emphasis on the Piedmont region. Mt. Cuba Center’s mission centers on the display, education, and research of native plants. As the former estate of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lammont Du Pont Copeland, 50 of those acres are actively gardened with the remaining lands conserved and managed as natural areas. The naturalistic gardens showcase the immense horticultural value of the region’s native flora.

Mt. Cuba Center also has a strong history of plant evaluation and introductions. The recently renovated 15,000 ft² Trial Garden contains herbaceous perennials and several woody plants that are being evaluated for their garden worthiness and regional adaptability. Current ongoing trials include species and cultivars of Coreopsis (67 accessions), Heuchera (86 accessions), Baptisia (53 accessions) as well as many others. Each evaluation includes both new and older cultivars as well as underutilized species with promising garden potential.

The post conference visit will include a guided tour of the formal and naturalistic gardens as well as time in the Trial Garden to interact with Research Horticulturists Jeanne Frett and George Coombs. Find out more at

Terrain—Glen Mills

Founded in 2008, Terrain transforms the local garden center into a celebration of nature. Inspired by the idea of merging house and garden to create an experience for the senses, their garden centers in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and Westport, Connecticut cater to customers with a curated assortment of plants for all seasons, as well as inspired items for the home and garden. Situated on luxurious indoor-outdoor environments, on-site nurseries are each flanked by a cafe and garden terrace, providing the ideal environment to host events and workshops.

Terrain's highly-edited offerings blend products from around the world with locally-sourced plants and artisan merchandise, providing the customer with an unparalleled experience. With a full nursery of garden and indoor plants, eco-friendly growing supplies, home and garden décor, furniture, containers, gifts, personal care items, locally sourced and prepared artisan foods, in addition to found objects and antiques from around the world, terrain merges global and local into a celebration of heritage, community and design. With landscaping and design services in addition to a knowledgeable staff, terrain provides a compelling and well-rounded customer experience. Find out more at

A catered lunch, included in the price of the tour, will be provided.


Chanticleer is one of the Philadelphia area’s newest and most visually exciting gardens. The entire 35-acre property can be thought of as a trial garden, where “new” plants grow alongside old reliables. The garden is romantic, sculptural, seemingly carefree, yet with world-class standards in design and horticultural excellence. You’ll have the chance to tour the garden with professional guides and meet the horticulturists who design, plant, and maintain Chanticleer. Snacks and refreshments will end the tour in a relaxed setting. Find out more at

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