Longwood Innovators

a group of people look out a window into a garden
Kelly Giarrocco

Curious Learners
Dynamic Individuals
One Visionary Garden

Pierre S. du Pont was the embodiment of an early 20th century innovator … not only in his very own garden, but also in his role as philanthropist, businessman, and community leader. He embraced new technologies, valued creative thinking, and brought his visionary ideas to grand fruition. We invite you to continue Mr. du Pont’s vision and become a Longwood Innovator.

As an Innovator, you’ll enjoy experiences that allow you to go deeper into who Longwood is as a leading cultural, educational, and scientific institution as well as a community treasure and great garden of the world.

You’ll discover stories never told before, meet the bounty of intellect behind our horticultural splendor, see places and spaces unfamiliar to most guests, and feel our passion come through as we strive to honor our legacy that propels us forward.


For more information on joining the Innovator community or for instructions on donating with a Donor Advised Fund or securities, please contact:

Melissa Canoni, Director of Development
Email: mcanoni@longwoodgardens.org
Phone: 610.388.5216