62-Bell Carillon

A carillon is a musical instrument composed of at least 23 bells, arranged in sequence according to their pitch, to produce harmony when many bells are sounded together. The Longwood Carillon was made in The Netherlands by Royal Eijsbouts of Asten with 62 cast bells.

How is The Longwood Carillon played?

The 5-octave carillon can be played by hand or automatically by a new touch-sensitive computer system. The bells are stationary and have 2 strikers each, one inside each bell connected by wires and levers to the manual keyboard that a carillonneur strikes with the hands, the other an external striker powered by an electromagnet and connected to the computerized recording/playback system.

Carillonneur Lisa Lonie kicked off our summer 2021 live carillon series with her May 23 performance from the Chimes Tower.

Experience the Longwood Carillon