Frequently Asked Questions for Educator-Guided Field Trips

What if I have less than 15 or more than 75 students?  

Groups with less than 15 students will need to book a visit to the Gardens by purchasing individual tickets.

For groups of more than 75 students, a second lead teacher will need to complete an addtional field trip request registration form and groups will be split between AM and PM program times and/or come over multiple days. A school may not register more than 300 students in a school year.

Can I request more than one educator-guided field trip program for my group?  

Each group may only participate in one program during their visit.

None of the program options fit my needs. Can I request a special program? 

Due to the demand for our educator-guided programs, we are not able to accommodate special program requests at this time. 

Do my students all have to be in the same grade band? 

Yes, educator-guided field trip programs are designed to meet the educational needs of the students within specific grade brands. Grade bands are PreK, K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.  

I have students of all different ages, what program would you recommend?  

We recommend that you only bring students within the same grade band or you choose a grade band that is compatible with your group. You can also bring your group as self-guided.  

I have students that need smaller groups and extra support, what program would you recommend?

We recommend our K-12 Accessible Garden Discovery Program

Can I have more than 15 in a group to keep my class together for the educator-guided field trip? 

Our maximum capacity for each educator-guided field trip program group is 15 students and 3 adults. Students need to be divided equally into groups of no more than 15. 

The educator-guided field trip times do not accommodate my school schedule. What do you recommend?  

We recommend that you visit the Gardens as a self-guided field trip.

What if I can’t get enough chaperones to attend the field trip? 

Please contact School & Youth Programs,

Are teachers included as part of the adult count? 


What if I have multiple grade levels coming for an educator-guided program? 

Please have students separated into groups of no more than 15 by their grade band ( K-2, 3-5, 6-8 or 9-12).  

I have students with special needs. How do I ensure their needs are met? 

We strive to ensure that every guest has an excellent experience when visiting our Gardens. If your students require special accommodations, please contact School & Youth Programs, 

Who should I contact if I am running late for the program? 

Please contact Group Visits at

Who should check my group in upon arrival?   

The Lead Teacher should check in at the Group Visits desk, located inside the Visitor Center. Be prepared to provide the final student, adult, and student support staff count for the group upon check in. 

How will my students know what group they are in? 

Please assign your students group numbers (1-5) based upon the total number of students. Students should be divided into even groups. 

We are doing an AM and a PM educator-guided field trip program, which students should get off the bus first? 

Please have your AM students exit the bus first and have your PM students wait on the bus until the AM groups have departed the bus lot with their Longwood Educator.  

Our school requires us to bring a cooler, what should I do with it after we eat lunch? 

Coolers can be left in the Terrace Tent for the duration of your visit, but you will need to transport it back to the Visitor Center Bus Lot. 

Can students bring their own water bottles? 


Can my students carry their own lunches in their backpacks?  

No, please have all student lunches packaged together in disposable boxes or bags clearly labeled with your school name prior to arriving to the Gardens.