Spring Blooms

April 1–May 7, 2023
tulips and other spring bulbs in orange, purple, pink, white, and yellow dot the landscape
Daniel Traub

Step into Spring ...

... the season of renewal, of growth, of ever-evolving splendor. Our millions of tiny geophytes begin the season, blanketing our vistas with sweeps of spring-has-sprung color.

As the season unfolds, flowering trees delightfully punctuate the landscape, radiant tulips stretch toward the sun, and the delicious fragrance of wisteria floats along the breeze, beckoning you further into the effervescent beauty of spring. Beginning April 22, our Open Air Theatre and Italian Water Garden fountains spring to life, as do our Square Fountain, Round Fountain (Flower Garden Walk), Sylvan Fountain (Peirce’s Park), and Children’s Corner fountains … bringing with them the refreshing sounds and sights of water in our Gardens. 

Put spring in all of your steps.

April 1–May 7, 2023

Gardens Open
10:00 am–6:00 pm Wednesday–Monday;
Closed Tuesdays

Special Morning Hour for Members
9:00–10:00 am Saturday & Sunday

Timed Admission Tickets required

Timed Reservations required for Members Thursday–Sunday from open to close (including Morning Hour for Members)

Reservations not required for Gardens Premium Members and Innovators

Experience Spring Blooms

We’ve dug into photo and video archives to share the inspiration and beauty of favorite past displays. Enjoy spring splendor from 2018.

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