Deeply Rooted 
with Storyteller 
Charlotte Blake Alston

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Deeply Rooted 
with Storyteller 
Charlotte Blake 

Take a Powerful Journey

Embark on a beautifully poignant journey with storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston as she honors and celebrates the strength, resilience, and contributions of the African American community through the lens of horticulture and the power of story. Through a series of 10 stops—experienced in-person throughout the Gardens via your phone or virtually from home—surround yourself in her moving spoken word and the stillness around you.

Hear an ancient Zulu creation myth paired with the oldest plant on Earth in the Conservatory; make your way to the Lookout Loft Treehouse and lean in to the story of the significance and symbolism of woods and meadows; call out the name of an ancestor in remembrance at the Large Lake while a traditional spiritual soothes your soul; and much more. Scroll down to discover Charlotte’s powerful voice as she leads you through the landscape, ending with a bonus track exclusive for our virtual guests.

When experiencing the exhibition in the Gardens, we recommend using headphones when listening to the audio files via your phone. Before your visit, please make sure your phone is charged. Once you’re in the Gardens, connect to FreeGardenWifi.

Voices in the Landscape is an Accessible Experience

The exhibition features a total of 10 audio experiences associated with specific locations throughout the Gardens, including seven outdoor stops and three stops in the Conservatory. The entire route is accessible without stairs and the length of the route, including the stops in the Conservatory,  is about 1.5 miles. Each audio recording ranges between three and eight minutes in length. The estimated time to experience the entire Voices in the Landscape exhibit is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Accessible Exhibition Guide
This guide provides important information for people who are blind/low vision and/or experiencing hearing loss, so they can fully participate in and enjoy this Voices in the Landscape program.

Social Guide
This guide provides an overview of the experience of visiting Longwood Gardens so that guests can prepare or practice strategies for their visit.

Audio files with introductory audio descriptions of each location are available below. Nicole Sardella voices the audio descriptions. The audio descriptions use words to describe the landscape and plants of Longwood associated with Charlotte’s stories, as experienced in the winter season.

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For Families and Kids

If you’re visiting with children, explore our children’s route.

About the Artist

Blake Alston

Charlotte Blake Alston is a nationally acclaimed storyteller, narrator, singer, and librettist who performs in schools, universities, museums, and concert venues throughout North America and abroad. A highly sought after storyteller, she is committed to perpetuating the African and African American oral storytelling traditions.

Exhibition Map
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Voices in the Landscape is an Accessible Experience