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Launched in 2010, we have completed our first five-year Strategic Plan, and have now embarked on our Strategic Plan through 2022.

The 2022 Strategic Plan focuses on the following five goals:

Goal 1: Advance our mission of excellence and beauty to ensure an extraordinary guest experience.

  • Update the 40-year Master Plan and align with our growth.
  • Develop a digital strategy that meets internal needs and enhances the external online experience.
  • Measure and elevate the “extraordinary guest experience.”
  • Advance the programming strategy to ensure that it is aligned with our “world apart” brand.

Goal 2: Invest in Longwood Gardens’ Staff, enhance diversity, and advance safety programs.

  • Align our organizational structure and staffing strategy to ensure that it supports our growth.
  • Advance and promote our retention and reward programs.
  • Augment and promote safety and risk management programs to strengthen workplace practices.

Goal 3: Preserve and advance Longwood Gardens’ fiscal flexibility to achieve our mission and advance our vision.

  • Diversify revenue streams.
  • Advance Longwood Gardens’ revenue and expense model.
  • Identify and cultivate partnerships that are mutually beneficial and align with our strategic direction.

Goal 4: Measure and communicate the value and impact of our mission.

  • Develop a methodology for measuring Longwood Gardens’ social impact and “return on mission.”
  • Create a strategy that leverages current activities and future initiatives to achieve maximum social impact.
  • Communicate Longwood Gardens’ impact and “return on mission.”

Goal 5: Demonstrate our civic responsibility by advancing our commitment and leadership in environmental stewardship, community engagement, and accessibility.

  • Prioritize and implement the Public Gardens Sustainability Index.
  • Strengthen and communicate Longwood Gardens’ environmental stewardship story.
  • Improve accessibility to and within Longwood Gardens.