Sustainability at the Restaurant

Local Food Sources

rows of green leafy vegetables in a garden surrounded by plantings of flowers

Longwood is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture, working to further the connections between people and their food. We seasonally grow herbs, fruits and vegetables in the Idea Garden, which are used in the 1906 Fine Dining Room. This means zero food mileage adversely affecting our environment!

Compostable Dishware, Cups, Bottles

dine sustainability image showing yellow digger with piles of compost

While both compostable and ceramic dishes require resources to make and maintain them, we have chosen to use compostable dishes in our Café for several reasons.

  • Almost all of the compostable ware used in The Terrace goes to our large scale compost facility.  Instead of going to the landfill, it returns to the Gardens or our farm lands. This helps us close the loop by keeping organics here on site--nourishing our soils instead of creating waste.
  • While Compostable dishes may take years, even decades, to break down in a landfill, they do eventually break down. A plastic or ceramic dish will not. The energy, hot water, and detergent required to maintain re-usable dishware is also not needed.


Materials such as plastic bottles, light bulbs, steel cans, paper and cardboard that cannot be composted are recycled through different programs, ensuring landfill diversion. The water used at the facility is recycled as part of our effluent irrigation system.

Efficient Lighting

a long row of tables against a wall hung with pictures

We use energy efficient lighting in both the food service and dining areas. T5 lamps are lower than incandescent lamps in energy consumption, and metal halide fixtures consume 50% less energy and have a longer lifespan than incandescent lamps.

Natural Materials

Solid surfaces throughout The Terrace, including tray slides and counter tops, are made from low-emitting materials and are Greenguard certified. These surfaces are eligible for a number of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.

Sustainable Furniture

The benches in the corridors are made from a minimum of 70% recycled material content, FSC certified wood, and powder coat finishes contain no heavy metals.

long carved and polished wood dining table with wooden barstools all around

The Lodge features an innovative use of surplus seat belts as webbing for the barstool backs.

“Green” Upholstery

Many of the fabrics used throughout The Terrace are PVC free or certified for indoor air quality under the Greenguard for Children & Schools Program.

Eco-friendly Flooring

Most of the carpeting is either made from recycled content (from 10% to 100% post-consumer material), or is 100% recyclable. The linoleum used on the lower level of The Terrace is made from all natural materials and is SMART certified.

The Terrace—A Certified Green Restaurant®

The Terrace continues to serve up exciting green news—in October of 2010 Longwood’s eatery became a Certified Green Restaurant® through the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), and was recertified in August 2016.