Cohort Project

About the Cohort Project

Each cohort of Fellows works collectively on a single project that spans the duration of the 13-month Program. The project contributes, in some tangible and meaningful way, to the leadership conversation occurring in public horticulture. Project topics may be generated by the Fellows, suggested by Longwood or a horticulture partner, or identified by a public horticulture professional.

Pending acceptance, Fellows present the results of their project at the annual conference of the American Public Gardens Association. The scope and relevance of the project will be commensurate with the effort required to produce an article for publication.

Completed Projects

2022–2023 Cohort

Explore the 2022–2023 Fellows project.

Download Cultivating Financial Resiliency: Sowing the Seeds of Innovation in Earned Revenue.

Download the Project Pullout Cards.

Download the Project Appendix.

2021–2022 Cohort

Watch as the 2021–2022 Fellows present their cohort project.

Explore the 2021–2022 Fellows project.

Download Making an Impact! A Toolkit for Advancing Employee Development.

2019–2020 Cohort

Explore Grow! A Scratchpad for People Developers and listen to the Fellows reflect on their time in the program.

Download the 2019–20 Fellows' Grow! A Scratchpad for People Developers.

2018–2019 Cohort

Watch as the 2018–2019 Fellows present their cohort project.

Download the 2018–2019 Fellows’ Organizational Assessment Resource for Senior-Level Leaders.

Download the Organizational Assessment Resource Quick Guide.

2017–2018 Cohort

Watch as the 2017–2018 Fellows present their cohort project.

Download the 2017–2018 Fellows’ Guide and Toolkit for Emerging Public Gardens.