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2019-2020 Fellows Cohort Project

Spend time meeting the Fellows and listen as they share insights gained on their development journey during their time in our program. Click on each Fellow below to watch their personal videos and learn about the themes that resonated with them the most.

Shawna Jones

Abra Lee

Becky Paxton

Mae Lin Plummer

Barbara Wheeler

Nanette Wraith

Grow! A Scratchpad for People Developers

Watch Self: Humility

Follow along as Mae Lin Plummer talks about humility and how it effects people development.

Watch Practice: Communication

The theme of communication is explained by Fellow Barbara Wheeler. Join her as she breaks down the key findings associated with effective communication and highlights areas for reflection and growth.

Watch Practice: Empowerment

Nanette Wraith talks you through the key findings pertaining to empowerment and invites you to reflect on your approach to the empowerment of others.