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About Your Purchase

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About Your Purchase

I recently joined and still have not received my Membership card. I'd like to visit soon.

Membership processing takes 2–4 weeks. During busier seasons, processing can take longer. If you would like to visit Longwood Gardens prior to receiving your Membership packet in the mail, please stop by Ticketing & Member Services and we will print a temporary Membership card for quick and easy access to the Gardens. If you purchased online and you do not have your temporary card or email confirmation of your purchase, please contact us at 610.388.1000 or stop by Ticketing & Member Services when you arrive. We will be happy to assist you. 

I have not received any mailings since I became a Member.

Please call us at 610.388.1000 or email us at membership@longwoodgardens.org to let us know so we can look into the problem and be sure to mail or email all pertinent information to you.

How do I update my contact information?

You can update your contact information by visiting tickets.longwoodgardens.org. View our step-by-step guide on updating your account. You may also call 610.388.1000 or email us at membership@longwoodgardens.org to share your updated contact information. Please make sure we have your updated email address as we periodically send promotions by email.

What happens if I lost my Membership card? Or if it was stolen?

Please call our office at 610.388.1000 or stop by Ticketing & Member Services to request replacement materials. The cost for a replacement card is $5.

What happens if I forget my Membership card?

Stop by Ticketing & Member Services to ask for a temporary card. You will be asked to provide photo ID.

How do I change my Membership to take advantage of more benefits?

We would be delighted to upgrade your Membership at any point during the year. Please call 610.388.1000 and ask for details.

Why did I just receive another renewal notice, when I already renewed my Membership?

If you have already renewed your Membership and sent in payment, please disregard the renewal notice. The renewal notice and payment probably crossed paths in the mail.

Member Privacy

What is your privacy policy for Members?

You can visit our Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we store and manage personal information.

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