Virtual Member Activities


  • Puzzle Away

    Puzzle Away

    Challenge your puzzle skills with this Members-only jigsaw puzzle of our outdoor gardens.

  • Access our eBook Collection

    Access our eBook Collection

    Access to our collection of thousands of ebooks, accessible from anywhere! Our collection focuses on subject areas of horticulture, botany, garden design, botanical illustration, garden and landscape design, natural history, and wildlife. All you need to log in is your Membership number found on the back of your Membership card. After you’ve logged in, you can download books to your device or read them online. Both adult and children’s titles are available. 

  • Take a Self-Guided Bird Walk
    a bird on a green plant

    Take a Self-Guided Bird Walk

    Bring your binoculars and wander through the Gardens while seeking out some of our most beloved feathered friends! From majestic great herons near our Hourglass Lake to chatty mockingbirds in our Meadow Garden, this guide helps you find a variety of interesting birds throughout the seasons.  

  • Plant Your Spring Seeds Now

    Plant Your Spring Seeds Now

    With spring on the horizon, now is the time to start getting those gardens ready! In this Member-exclusive video, follow along as Horticulturist Alex Correia demonstrates how to start your seeds at home and explains the most popular seeds for home growers, when to transplant, and more!

Enjoy a Seasonal Crossword Puzzle

Challenge yourself to a themed crossword puzzle inspired by our Gardens. 

Paint by Number 

Create a stunning piece of art featuring vistas from our Gardens. Paint by number worksheets provided below! 

Recipes from the Gardens

Join our culinary team as they guide you through several popular Longwood recipes from our 1906 restaurant.

Spot the Difference Activities 

Challenge yourself to our Gardens inspired Spot the Difference activities. Find the eight differences between these two similar pictures.