Protecting Viewsheds

Viewsheds are important features at Longwood Gardens that require the application of regular viewshed management tactics including invasive species management.

The Valuable Role of Viewsheds

Much of the Gardens' aesthetic appeal is made possible by the strategic use of viewsheds. These natural features take a host of forms—from meadow to woodland—and create a sense of enclosure while adding to the overall landscape.

Though some viewsheds are naturally occurring, many result from conscious planning to minimize visual and auditory disruption. For example, woodlands were planted in the 1980s to block the view of houses from the Meadow Garden.

Keeping an Eye to the Future

Trees are a popular choice for enhancing viewsheds but can grow to extraordinary heights. That’s why we've taken a long-term approach to the creation of viewsheds; choosing plant life according to its growth potential so that visual obstacles can be avoided in the future.

Viewshed management is integral to our strategy and our natural lands team employs several approaches to maintain the integrity of these features. Among these are invasive plant management and mowing.