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Guided by our “Soil to Sky Management Plan,” our natural lands team deftly oversees the property’s varying landscapes using science-based principles, practices, and decisions. Multiple metrics are implemented across the landscape to interpret the impact of Longwood’s land management and restoration efforts and in turn to create resilient ecosystems with high levels of floral and faunal biodiversity. 

Key Goals & Objectives

Our sustainability planning is focused on protecting natural resources, restoring the land, and making sound decisions for the future.

Perimeter & Natural Lands Management

Approximately 65 percent of our 1,100 acre property is comprised of perimeter and natural lands—meadows, forest, wetlands, and agricultural lands—that provide a buffer between the Gardens and neighboring properties.

Protecting Viewsheds

Our viewsheds serve to create a sense of enclosure and add to the natural landscape. While some of these viewsheds are naturally occurring, many are the result of advance planning and careful management.

Plant Conservation

We are a leader in conserving rare and threatened terrestrial orchids of the Mid-Atlantic United States.

Integrated Pest Management

Protecting Gardens and structures from the onslaught of natural pests and rodents is a daily battle at Longwood. Through the application of Integrated Pest Management strategies, our staff members successfully address this ongoing challenge.

Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife is an integral part of our natural ecosystems, contributing to their health and resiliency, while adding to Longwood’s natural beauty. At Longwood Gardens, land stewardship includes the development and maintenance of suitable habitats for these treasured residents.