Perimeter & Natural Lands Management

Through the use of approved land management strategies, we preserve our perimeter and natural lands, thereby providing natural resource protection and wildlife habitat.

Preserving the Purpose of Perimeter and Natural Lands

Our perimeter and natural lands serve many purposes. These areas—which include agricultural lands, meadows, wetlands, and woodlands—form a buffer between the Gardens and neighboring properties, offer wildlife habitat, provide natural resource protection, and offer a visual and auditory sense of quiet.

Maintaining the inherent beauty and purpose of our perimeter and natural lands is an intensive and determined effort that requires a thorough understanding of ecosystems and land management strategies.

A Methodical Approach to Land Management

Using comprehensive botanical surveys (conducted approximately every six to seven years), we map our perimeter and natural lands so that we can better tailor and execute appropriate adaptive land management strategies. These strategies vary by area and include:

  • Invasive plant management
  • Mowing and prescribed burning
  • Native species plantings
  • Forest, meadow, wetland, and wildlife management and restoration.