Fragrant Ikebana

Fragrant Ikebana

Three people standing at a table creating a floral design.
William Hill

Dates & Prices

Saturday, August 10, 2024
11:00 am–3:00 pm

Fee: $139

Fee for Innovators, Gardens Preferred, and Gardens Premium Members: $125

Register by July 28, 2024

Registrations may be cancelled up to two weeks before the event, and your registration fee, less a $30 processing fee, will be refunded.

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Begin with an introduction to Ikebana, then learn about the scent classification systems and the bloom cycle of fragrant/scented plants that can be used as components of Ikebana designs. Create your own scented Ikebana arrangement using a mix of flowers and foliage including a combination of free flower fragrance, fast flower fragrance, a noticeably aromatic element, a foliage that needs to be touched to release its scent, and some non-fragrant materials.


The Kennett Library and Resource Center


Christopher Barrett Sheridan, Lynn Ryan