Longwood Organ Academy

an instructor stands next to a student at the organ console

July 22-27, 2024

Longwood Organ Academy

During the week-long academy, students study with Longwood Principal Organist Peter Richard Conte and Alan Morrison, Haas Charitable Trust Chair in Organ Studies at the Curtis Institute of Music, providing valuable insight into the world of symphonic organ. Students also attend a master class with visiting organist Ken Cowan, Professor of Organ and head of the organ program at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music (Houston, TX). The Organ Academy concludes with a student performance on the Longwood Organ. Students must be at least 18 years old to participate.

When a student is selected to participate in the Longwood Organ Academy, all housing and meals are provided in the cost of tuition.

Composed of 10,010 pipes divided into 146 ranks, the Longwood Organ is the largest Aeolian organ ever constructed in a residential setting. Pierre S. du Pont was an organ aficionado who, in 1930, replaced the original Longwood organ with a much larger, custom-designed Aeolian model that remains in Longwood's Conservatory to this day.

Program Highlights

  • Private lessons and studio classes with esteemed instructors Peter Richard Conte and Alan Morrison
  • Master class with visiting organist Ken Cowan
  • Rehearsals on the Longwood Organ
  • Workshops focused on symphonic organ transcriptions
  • Local organ tours
  • Student performance on the Longwood Organ

Watch the 2021 Organ Academy Virtual Performance

Four talented young organists from around the world conclude their 2021 Longwood Organ Academy experience with a virtual performance. Listen along as Emily Dawn Amos performs from Traverse City, Michigan; Luke Staisiunas from West Chester, Pennsylvania; Alexander Straus-Fausto from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; and Raphael Attila Vogl from Mauth, Bayern, Germany.

Applications for the 2024 Longwood Organ Academy are now closed.

For more information regarding the Longwood Organ Academy, please contact Associate Director of Performing Arts Programming Emily Moody at:

Email: emoody@longwoodgardens.org

Telephone: 610.388.5452