The Longwood Organ

With the goal of returning The Longwood Organ to its 1930 splendor, a team of experts began a seven-year restoration process in 2004. They completely rewired, repainted, re-leathered and refurbished virtually every element of The Longwood Organ. Read our blog post about what it takes to keep the organ in peak tune and mechanical condition at all times.

In May 2012, American Public Media broadcast an episode of Pipedreams titled "Longwood Revisited" which highlighted the history and restoration of The Longwood Organ. Listen to the program here.

Our International Organ Competition in 2013 was also broadcasted on Pipedreams' "Longwood Laureates".  Listen to that program here.

Our second International Organ Competition took place in the summer of 2016. Our third International Organ Competition was held in June 2019.

All the Stops Series Features The Longwood Organ

Travel to 18 fascinating historic instruments around the globe—including our very own The Longwood Organ—in the four-part documentary series All the Stops with renowned organist Nathan Laube. Hosted by WFMT 98.7 Classical Radio in Chicago, the final edition of All the Stops explores the many cultures and traditions that have influenced pipe organs in the United States, with The Longwood Organ as one of the featured instruments.

To Longwood Gardens by Samuel Barber

In 1925 at just 15 years of age, famed American composer Samuel Barber composed his first piece for organ. He dedicated it to Longwood founder Pierre S. du Pont and described it as a “melody of peace” intended to express one’s emotions while exploring Longwood. In this bonus clip to the full-length documentary Samuel Barber: Absolute Beauty and directed by H. Paul Moon, P.S du Pont Fellow Colvin Randall reads excerpts from Barber’s letter to du Pont and Peter Richard Conte performs the piece on The Longwood Organ.