Performance Venues


Our historic Ballroom is unique for its elaborate finishes including a parquet floor, fabric-paneled walls, and ceiling made of 1,104 panes of rose-colored etched glass. The Ballroom re-opened in October 2005 after extensive renovations. It was originally constructed in 1929 to house Longwood’s pipe organ and serve as a venue for concerts, lectures, and dinners—and we continue this tradition today.

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Exhibition Hall

Once used by the du Ponts for dances and dinner parties, this expansive and airy hall retains its original sunken marble floor, which is typically flooded with a few inches of water to beautifully reflect the ever-changing seasonal displays. Hundreds of performing artists, from Meyer Davis’ dance band to the Metropolitan Opera sopranos, from John Philip Sousa to South African vocal groups, have graced the stage. The Exhibition Hall is also the site of specialty flower shows, from dahlias to orchids, and fabulous Christmas displays that guests remember for years afterwards.

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Open Air Theatre

Nestled in a frame of clipped arborvitae and towering trees, the historic Open Air Theatre has hosted countless theatrical performances and concerts since it debuted in 1914. Inspired by outdoor European theaters and his love of music and drama, Pierre S. du Pont built the Open Air Theatre in 1913. The Theatre was redesigned and expanded in 1927 to include illuminated fountains set into the stage floor and a 10-foot water curtain at its front. Today, performances of all varieties are presented throughout the summer.

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