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COVID-19 Response

What precautions is Longwood Gardens taking against COVID-19?
We have created new visiting guidelines in accordance with state and local regulations. Find out more about our response to COVID-19.

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Tickets, Admission, and Prices

Should I purchase tickets in advance of my visit? Can I pick them up in advance of my visit?
Yes. You must purchase in advance of your visit either online or via our contact center. We are unable to issue Timed Admission Tickets onsite at this time. 

Will I be charged additional fees with my purchase?
Purchases of Gardens Admission tickets, Memberships, and Continuing Education classes do not incur a fee. Phone orders incur an additional $6 fee.

Can I leave and return?
No. Once you leave the Gardens, there is no reentry.

Can I get a refund? Can I exchange my ticket for another date?
All sales are final. Tickets are non-refundable and may not be exchanged for another date and time. Lost or stolen tickets will not be refunded or replaced.

Does Longwood offer discounted tickets?
We offer discounted rates for members of the military, veterans, groups, youth (ages 5–18), college students (with valid ID), and seniors (ages 62+). At this time, we are not able to accept PA ACCESS cardholders and Delaware SNAP cardholders. 

How do I receive a veterans or military discount?
We offer a veterans and military discount of 25% off general admission. Veterans and members of the Department of Defense, Armed Services, or dependents can receive this discount onsite by providing a valid veterans or military ID. Just stop by one of the ticketing counters in our Visitor Center. During the Christmas season when tickets sell out, please be sure to purchase tickets online at full price and we will refund you the difference at any ticketing counter upon arrival with proof of your status.

What is a valid veterans or military ID?
A valid veterans ID is a document issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to identify a person as a veteran. A valid military ID is a document issued by the United States Department of Defense to identify a person as a member of the Armed Forces or a member's dependent, such as a child or spouse. The primary types of U.S. military ID cards being issued today are the CAC (for active duty members of the military), the DD Form 2, and Department of Defense Form 1173 for retirees and dependents. 

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes. Longwood gift cards can be used for general admission, Memberships, classes, special performance tickets, and purchases at The Terrace and GardenShop. Gift cards come in any denomination, are good year-round, and never expire. They must be purchased online or by calling 610-388-1000 (additional fees apply for phone orders).

Does Longwood make donations of admission tickets to support other nonprofits/charity auctions/fundraisers?
Yes, after submitting your request, Longwood reviews submissions and makes a decision at that time whether to fulfill. Submit your request.

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Timed Ticketing

What is timed ticketing?
Timed ticketing offers reserved times to enjoy our displays and exhibits. With a timed ticket, a pre-established number of guests enter during each interval, allowing guests to enjoy shorter lines and a better viewing experience. Timed tickets are required for admission.

I am a Member. Do I need a timed ticket?
No. However, Members, excluding Gardens Premium Members, must make free timed Member reservations for themselves and anyone covered by their Membership. When making reservation for multiple dates, please do so in separate transactions.

When can I use my Complimentary Guest Tickets?
Complimentary Guest Tickets are accepted for one-time general admission and can be scanned at the ticketing desk in the Visitor Center. Some restrictions may apply; see tickets for details. Please note, if your Complimentary Guest Tickets expired during the closure, please bring them to the ticketing desk in our Visitor Center at the time of your visit and we will exchange them for you.

When is the last entry time?
Tickets are sold to allow entry at half-hour intervals from 10:00 am to one hour before Gardens close.

When is the best time to visit during the Christmas season?
Mondays–Thursdays and earlier in the day are generally the best times to avoid crowds.

What if we arrive late, after our entry time?
Please make every effort to arrive at your designated time. Earlier or later arrivals may not be accommodated.

Will we have to leave at a specified time?
No, timed tickets apply to entrance times only. You are welcome to stay until closing, no matter what time you enter.

We didn’t know about timed ticketing. Will we be admitted?
At this time, Timed Admission Tickets must be purchased in advance either online or via phone.

Do children need timed tickets?
Children ages 4 and under are admitted free and do not require a ticket. Children ages 5 and older do require a timed ticket.

Where can we get timed tickets?
Tickets are available at

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What happens in case of inclement weather?
In the event of severe weather, we will accommodate guests in indoor spaces with mandatory social distancing. Visit our mobile map for emergency shelter locations.

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Does Longwood have parking facilities? Is it free?
Parking at Longwood is free. There may be a substantial walk from your car to the Visitor Center, although it is possible to drop passengers off at the Visitor Center then park the car. Guests with a valid disability parking permit will find handicapped parking available near the Visitor Center entrance. 

Do you have charging stations for electric cars?
Two charging stations for plug-in electric/hybrid cars are available in our Visitor Center Parking Lot. The charging stations have the industry standard “J1772” plug and operate with a 240-volt, 30-amp AC circuit. The stations are available to guests free of charge.

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Exploring the Gardens

Is it outdoors?
Visiting our Gardens is a largely outdoor experience. Indoor experiences include our 4-acre Conservatory and the historic Peirce-du Pont House. At this time, the Indoor Children’s Garden in the Conservatory, the Webb Farmhouse & Galleries, The Terrace, Picnic Area, and sections of our Visitor Center are closed.

How do I get around the Gardens?
We have nearly 400 acres that are open to the public. Walking is the primary way to enjoy the Gardens. Accessible paths are available. Shuttle service is not provided inside the Gardens.

Does Longwood have a tram or bus?
No. There is no tram or bus in the Gardens.

How far is it from the Visitor Center to the Conservatory?
It is a leisurely 10-minute walk from the Visitor Center to the Conservatory or to The Terrace, located near the Conservatory.

How long does it take to see the Gardens?
Visit lengths vary, but we recommend planning on at least three to four hours to see the majority of the Gardens (including the Conservatory).

Where can I find a map of the Gardens?
Print maps are not available at this time so you can use our mobile map both before and during your visit.

Does Longwood Gardens offer tours?
No. At this time, tours are not offered.

Does Longwood Gardens offer tours for groups?
No. At this time, tours are not offered.

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Is Longwood Gardens accessible for people with mobility or physical disabilities?
Yes, our Gardens are easily accessible to guests with mobility or physical disabilities. There are 45 spaces reserved for handicapped parking at the front of the Parking Lot near the Visitor Center. Most restrooms are wheelchair accessible. The Main Fountain Garden Overlook, The Conservatory, and The Terrace are equipped with elevators, and some of the doors in the Visitor Center, Conservatory, and The Terrace are automated. Most garden paths are wide and paved, and a wheelchair route is suggested on our map. While most of the route is level or gently sloping, a few areas are more steeply graded but manageable with an able-bodied assistant. The Lookout Loft is the only accessible treehouse. The Chimes Tower and portions of the Peirce-du Pont House are not wheelchair accessible.

Is there a rental fee for wheelchairs, scooters, or children’s strollers?
A limited number of wheelchairs are available for rental. Scooters and strollers are not available for rental during this phase. You are welcome to bring your own mobility device. Shuttle service, including our Meadow Garden shuttle service, is not available.

Is the picnic area handicapped accessible?
The Picnic Area is not available at this time.

I am a person with a disability and need a caregiver to assist me with my visit. What do you recommend?
Stop by any ticketing counter in the Visitor Center to obtain a complimentary ticket for your personal care attendant.

Do you provide resources in multiple languages?
You can use your browser translation feature on your smartphone to view our interactive map (at in the language of your choice.

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Visitor Conveniences

Is there a family restroom/changing room?
Our restrooms are equipped with pull-down changing tables and are large enough to afford guests the privacy they need. Visit the Green Wall in the Conservatory for facilities that are specifically designated as family restrooms.

Where can I breastfeed?
You are welcome to breastfeed in any of the spaces that are open to the public in our Gardens. If you are searching for a quiet location, our Green Wall area in the Conservatory offers a special pod designated as a Nursing Mother's Room for the comfort and privacy of you and your baby. 

Are there lockers?
We do not have lockers available for guests.

Is there air conditioning?
The Visitor Center, The Terrace, and the Webb Farmhouse & Galleries are air conditioned.

Is there an ATM?
There is no ATM on site. However, we do accept debit cards as a form of payment.

Does Longwood have wireless internet access?
Yes. Guests can connect to "FreeGardenWifi" free of charge during their visit. Please note that some areas of the Gardens do not have wifi coverage.

Is there a place to recharge my phone?
No. At this time, there is not a place to recharge a phone.

Can I bring my pet?
Pets are not permitted in the Gardens, nor are there provisions to temporarily house them during a visit. Please do not leave pets in your car in the parking lot during warm weather since shade is minimal. Properly identified service animals that provide assistance for guests with disabilities are permitted everywhere at Longwood.

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Food and Drink

Can I bring my own food and drink into the Gardens?
Picnicking or bringing in any outside food or beverages (except water) is not permitted.

Where is the restaurant? How far is it from the Visitor Center?
The Terrace is a leisurely 10 minute walk from the Visitor Center. Guests can enjoy a limited selection and seating at our outdoor Beer Garden and limited seating in The Terrace. Credit cards only.

Do I need an admission ticket if I want to eat at The Terrace Café or 1906 Restaurant?
Yes. However The Terrace Café and 1906 Restaurant are currently not available.

Does The Terrace serve kosher food?
Please speak with a server about what options are available.

I have food intolerances and allergies. Can you accommodate my dietary needs?
Please speak with a server about any food intolerances or allergies.

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Can I smoke in the Gardens?
To protect the health and well-being of our guests, staff, and plants, Longwood Gardens is a smoke-free environment. Guests may smoke in their personal vehicles.

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Photography & Video

Does Longwood allow photos/videos to be taken?
All photography is at the discretion of Longwood Gardens and must take place while the Gardens are open to the public. All Longwood guests, including photographers, videographers, and artists, must purchase general admission tickets or be active Members to obtain entry. We encourage our guests to take casual photographs and videos of their visit for their own personal use and sharing on social media.

Your photography, videography and/or art may not interfere with other guests' enjoyment or block paths. Props or signs that cannot be carried by one individual in their hands are not permitted. Any prop, apparel/attire or sign deemed controversial or offensive in nature will not be permitted. Longwood does not have a place to store personal belongings. You must take all belongings with you or leave them stored in your vehicle, including wardrobe changes. Please come to the Gardens prepared for your shoot. Hair, makeup and elaborate wardrobe changes are not permitted in our public restrooms. Large group photography of 15 or more guests is permitted only in the outdoor gardens, but never indoors, including the Conservatory and Peirce-du Pont House. There are certain items that are not permitted inside the Gardens. Please review the list prior to visiting to avoid disappointment.

Are tripods, monopods, and easels allowed in the Gardens?
Tripods, monopods and artist easels are permitted inside the Gardens. Small rolled or carried portable chairs and equipment carts are also permitted. Large scale equipment carts are not permitted. Tripod/monopod/easel use is permitted inside the Conservatory and the Peirce-du Pont House before 12:00 pm on low attendance volume days.

Tripod/monopod/easel Restrictions

  • Indoor Children's Garden
  • High volume days
  • Fireworks, Fountain Shows, concerts, special events

Longwood reserves the right to ask a guest to discontinue a behavior or session if it poses a safety concern, blocks paths, or impacts the experience of other guests. Guests must stay in the public areas of the Gardens and obey all posted signage, barriers, and restrictions. Refrain from walking in flower beds and fields. Drone photography is strictly prohibited. Throwing rice, confetti, or similar material is prohibited.

Longwood will not sign general releases giving blanket permission for stock agencies to use photos taken at Longwood. Portfolio, product, and model photography/videography is not permitted. Content may not be used for commercial purposes. Restrictions apply for all performances, fountain shows, concerts, and firework events.

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Weddings, Proposals, and other Large Group Celebrations

Can I have my wedding at Longwood?
Weddings, wedding receptions, religious ceremonies, and proms are not permitted.

Can I take photos/videos with my group of 15 more guests at the Gardens?
Yes. Please adhere to the guidelines outlined in the photography section.

Can you recommend a place for my wedding proposal?
We have many beautiful spaces for your perfect proposal. Please see our Garden Directory to select your desired location. Please keep in mind some areas might be more crowded than others depending on the season or day. Please plan a backup location for your special day as any section of the Gardens may be closed due to maintenance, inclement weather, or event set up.

May I make special arrangements of any kind, including arranging for a staff person to assist me with my proposal?
We do not offer this type of service.

May I set up a special picnic inside or bring food or champagne into the Gardens to celebrate?
Outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the Gardens. You can purchase a picnic tote through our online ticketing system before your visit and pick it up at the Beer Garden. Enjoy your picnic tote throughout the Gardens. Please note, picnic totes must be pre-ordered by noon the day before your visit.

May I visit and tour the grounds in advance to determine my location?
We encourage you to visit Longwood as often as you would like. If you are not a current Member, there is an admission fee for each visit.

May I bring flowers inside the Gardens?
Small bouquets or boutonnieres are permitted as long as they do not contain chrysanthemums or boxwood.

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Private Events, Meetings, and Room Rentals

Does Longwood host private events?
Private event rentals are not available at this time.

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Horticulture Information

Do you have a question about Longwood’s Plants and Displays?

Our Horticulture Information Team can answer it for you! We can answer your questions about our history and horticulture, help you identify plants that you see in our Gardens, and even let you know if a plant you see here can be grown at your home.

Contact us via any of the following:

You may also want to check PlantExplorer, our plant collection database.

We receive numerous questions about general gardening, landscaping, and garden design. While we appreciate your confidence in our staff of horticulturists, we regret that we are unable to respond to these topics.

Additionally, Longwood Gardens cannot accept plant, insect, or disease samples nor provide value estimates for trees and plants or provide consulting.

For these types of topics, please try contacting the following organizations:

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