An Afternoon with Hilton Carter: Talk, Demo, and The Propagation Handbook Book Signing

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An Afternoon with Hilton Carter: Talk, Demo, and The Propagation Handbook Book Signing

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Date & Time

Sunday, April 14, 2024

2:00 pm–3:15 pm

Fee: $39

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Carter delves into best propagation methods, necessary tools, and different considerations by type of plant. Follow along as he demonstrates his own plant propagation methods and then learn expert tips and tricks as he opens the floor for your questions.

Following his talk and demonstration, Carter will sign copies of The Propagation Handbook. The book will be available for purchase in The Garden Shop prior to and during this event.


The Visitor Center Auditorium (through The Garden Shop)

About the Author

For Hilton Carter, it all started with one plant—a fiddle-leaf fig named Frank, to be exact. As he explains in his best-selling book, Wild at Home: How to Style and Care for Beautiful Plants (April 2020), his interest in plants started out as purely practical.

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Since then, he has written and photographed four other bestsellers published by CICO Books: Wild Interiors: Beautiful Plants in Beautiful Spaces (April 2020), Wild Creations (April 2021), Living Wild (April 2023), and The Propagation Handbook (April 2024). He has partnered with Target on three collections of Hilton Carter for Target, released his Guide to Houseplants workshops with the Magnolia Network, and will be featured on PBS-TV’s Living Wild: Plant-spiration with Hilton Carter, nationally airing late-February.

Carter has a loyal following on Instagram (@hiltoncarter), where he shares his knowledge of plant care and interior styling with the design and green loving community. When not getting his hands dirty in a project, Hilton can be found cozying up in his Baltimore home with his wife Fiona and daughter Holland.

The Propagation Handbook

In The Propagation Handbook, plant stylist Hilton Carter reveals how to grow and increase your own plant family by propagating existing plants.

Not only a plant lover, Carter is passionate about propagation, the process of growing a brand new healthy and happy plant from part of an existing one. In this, his fifth book, Carter talks us through the process of propagation and explains all the necessary techniques, from the simplest to more complex methods, such as air layering and grafting. He describes exactly which method to use for different types of plants, and lists the tools essential for the process. In Carter's own words: “You hear so much about plant ‘parenthood’, but knowing how to propagate and then watching as your little plant takes shape and develops into a full-grown plant is the very definition of this.”