The World of Plants: Exploring Horticulture

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The World of Plants: Exploring Horticulture

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Now–October 31, 2022

Free Online Open Course

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Plants have found their way into people’s hearts in every corner of the world. Each of us has made some kind of connection to nature in our lifetime. Learn about the evolution and diversity of plants, the importance of plants to our lives, and glimpse some of the weird and wonderful plants at Longwood Gardens and beyond.

Join our horticulture experts as they share their passion and insight into the World of Plants. Journey the breadth of the plant kingdom, the evolutionary pathway to plant diversity, and the adaptations plants use to thrive in varied environmental conditions. Discover the history of Longwood and its plant acquisitions and breeding programs. Learn the basics of plant nomenclature and plant identification. Go behind the scenes with our bonsai expert as he demonstrates how to begin pruning a plant from nursery stock. Share your favorite plants with your fellow garden enthusiasts in this fun, diverse, and informative course.

The World of Plants: Exploring Horticulture is self-paced and open for registration anytime now through September 15, 2022. The course closes October 31, 2022. Learn through engaging activities, video lessons, and discussion forums. We look forward to learning together.

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