Trees Living in Cities

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Trees Living in Cities

A Community Read Conversation

Date & Price

Online, livestreamed

April 21, 2022

6:30–7:45 pm

Free; Advance registration required


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Our award-winning Community Read brings books and people together to spur discussion about an important idea or topic. For the ninth year of our Community Read, we’re asking readers: What would a tree tell us if we just took the time to listen?

Trees are an important component of urban landscapes as David Haskell describes in Part 3 of his book, The Songs of Tree: Stories from Nature’s Great Connectors. They shade our sidewalks, feed us, and are vehicles of creative beauty. Amidst the hustle of our human lives these trees frequently go unnoticed, but the connection is indeed profound. Join Haskell, Georgia Silvera Seamans of the Washington Square Park Eco Projects, and Jessica Turner-Skoff of The Morton Arboretum as they discuss how trees in bustling cities use their embodied network to contribute to the life of humans.


David Haskell, Georgia Silvera Seamans, Jessica Turner-Skoff


Online, livestreamed