Our Events & Performances

One of the truly magical aspects of Longwood is our ability to transport guests to a “world apart,” a place where nature and man co-exist in a beautiful and inspiring way. 

This intermingling is most evident in our indoor and outdoor display gardens, where dramatic, man-made floral presentations appear at home among the grass, trees, and shrubs. This sense of cohesion is also evident in our Performing Arts and events.  

Our programming serves to not only entertain guests but to highlight an area of the Gardens in new and exciting ways. From 0ur fountain shows with light and music, to our live performances throughout the Gardens, to our spectacular seasonal light display, to our special events, such as the 2012 Light exhibition by British artist Bruce Munro, and the dynamic projections of Nightscape in 2015 and 2016, we strive to emotionally connect our guests to the Gardens.