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Nooks and Crannies: Main Fountain Garden Class

Nooks and Crannies: Main Fountain Garden
Continuing Education

Dates & Price

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
7:30–10:00 am

Inclement Weather Date: August 13, 2019

Fee: $89

Following a discussion of low-light photography, this class explores the Historic Pumphouse, the tunnels under the newly revitalized Main Fountain Garden, and the Grotto. This is an exclusive opportunity to photograph the infrastructure. Discover the mechanisms that stage the spectacular fountain displays of the Main Fountain Garden. Your photography instructor will be on hand in this small class and aided by members of Longwood’s facilities team to ensure that your technical questions are answered.

This class is open to all who own a digital camera capable of accepting multiple lenses. Bring your camera, a tripod, and a remote shutter release.

Photos taken during photography classes at Longwood may not be sold for commercial uses.


Dick Greenwood and Longwood Staff


Catalpa Room, Historic Pump House, and the Main Fountain Garden Tunnels

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