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Restore the Life on Your School Grounds

Restore the Life on Your School Grounds
Teacher Professional Development

Dates & Price

Due to the ongoing closure of our Gardens, we are suspending the sale of tickets for our Fireworks & Fountains Shows, summer performing arts events, and registration for Continuing Education classes.

June 25, 2020

9:00 am–3:30 pm


Join the CCIU, Longwood Gardens and Stroud Water Research Center to gather hands-on lessons you can bring back to your students so they can speak for the trees! From one tree to one thousand trees, you can transform your school grounds through simple restoration techniques. Explore how your students can be environmental stewards by using internet-enabled technologies to monitor and collect data about their local environment. Discover the local birds that inhabit these trees and learn ways to encourage them to stay.  Lunch,  5 Act 48 credits, and a certificate of completion will be provided. Materials provided. 

Program will take place at Stroud Water Research Center.