Longwood’s Love for Cannas

Canna (Canna x generalis) is a staple in the summer garden, adding color, texture and a tropical feel.  At Longwood, cannas provide critical height in the borders and conservatory. 

The beauty of the canna inspired Longwood to begin a breeding program in the 1970s.  Our program has produced more than 18 named cultivars that have been released to the commercial market and used here at Longwood.  These plants include both terrestrial and aquatic varieties.

In response to virus outbreaks that have impacted most of the cannas in the world over the past few years, our research team has undertaken efforts to develop virus-free plants.

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  • Canna Breeding and Development

    Canna Breeding and Development

    Our canna breeding program is one of the longest tenured research programs at Longwood Gardens. Cannas became popular during the Victorian era as bedding plants, prized for their dramatic stature and summer flowers, primarily in shades of red, yellow, and orange.