Conservatory District

Aerial view of large conservatory complex with a glass ceiling

About This District

Wander through wondrous spaces under acres of glass, taking in the sweeping views of lush foliage and a kaleidoscope of color. Witness the beauty of otherworldly plant species, some of which have been with us since the Conservatory’s 1921 debut. Allow yourself plenty of time to linger, explore, and marvel at the expertise involved in the creation of our dazzling displays.


a lush green walkway in the conservatory with hanging baskets and columns covered in green

Gardens in this District

  • Acacia Passage
    sun shines through glass windows into a long hallway with green plants, yellow flowers, and hanging baskets

    Acacia Passage

    From the pendulous branches of the Acacia leprosa, puffs of sunny yellow emerge in February and March—offering a very welcome burst of optimistic color and fragrance amidst winter’s muted tones.

  • Cascade Garden
    A small waterfall empties into an indoor pool surrounded by large green tropical plants

    Cascade Garden

    Space Will Re-Open in 2024
    Transport yourself to a richly textured mosaic of lush, equatorial plants and soaring splendor, designed especially for Longwood by renowned 20th-century landscape architect, artist, activist, and botanist Roberto Burle Marx (1909–94).

  • East Conservatory
    Sun. streams through the glass ceiling of a conservatory on a pathway lined with green bushes and tall plans with a hanging lamp

    East Conservatory

    Experience an unparalleled sensory journey through lush plantings, soaring classical architecture, and tranquil water features, including waterfalls, pools, and fountains under a half-acre of glass.

  • East Conservatory Plaza
    Two people sit along levels of freshly cut grass in the summer with green tress behind

    East Conservatory Plaza

    A feat of artistic vision and expert engineering, five tiers of sweeping, grass-covered terraces emerge like steps from the land, providing a grand transition from the forest to the Conservatory.

  • Green Wall
    A luscious wall of green ferns and other plants lines a hallway of doors

    Green Wall

    When nature calls, don’t miss this fern-laden glen of lush, vertical vegetation planted along 4,000 square feet. At the end of the hallway, a circular reflecting pool of marble awaits your gaze.

  • Indoor Children’s Garden
    a small fountain in the middle with building structures and green trees surrounding it

    Indoor Children’s Garden

    Let your kids get lost in a lush jungle of draping vines, drooling dragons, and secret stairways. Take a breather on a nearby bench as they shake their sillies in this whimsical realm of discovery.

  • Historic Main Conservatory
    A stone walkway leads between two garden beds of red and green plants with a green hanging backset and curved window in the distance, all under a glass conservatory

    Historic Main Conservatory

    In this ever-changing indoor space of perpetual bloom and uncommon, elegant beauty, familiar specimens flourish alongside mature trees and hanging baskets of intricately grown flowers, while a sunken marble pool and lush green lawns beckon.

  • Orchid House
    Sun shines through glass and a metal trellis filled with orchids and green plants

    Orchid House

    Our new Orchid House is an open, gallery-like space with a new glass roof and restored interior and exterior concrete. Hundreds of orchids displayed in custom frame trellises and our restored bronze case showcase the beauty and diversity of our renowned orchid collection.

  • Silver Garden
    morning sun shines through glass windows into a conservatory room filled with desert plants along a stone pathway

    Silver Garden

    Designed by Isabelle Green, a meandering pathway of slate, snakes through rocky outcroppings of spiky, textural plants in otherworldly hues of platinum, cool green, and soft blue.

Longwood Reimagined: A New Garden Experience

Our legacy of innovation continues as we embark on the most ambitious expansion, reimagination, and preservation of our Conservatory and surrounding landscape in a century.

For more than 115 years, we have harmoniously blended art and science to create a horticulture experience of unparalleled splendor. With the realization of Longwood Reimagined: A New Garden Experience—a sweeping reimagination of 17 acres of our Conservatory and grounds, opening in fall 2024—we are honored to enhance, steward, and preserve one of the world’s most important, most beautiful collections of gardens and glasshouses.

Artistic rendering of large glass house with arched entrance and roof with four peaks.
Artist rendering of our reimagined West Conservatory

Stunning new buildings, wondrous new indoor and outdoor gardens, surprising new guest experiences, and much more await. We’re expanding our grounds, connecting them from east to west in a beautiful, unified journey of lush, formal gardens to open meadows to winding paths to breathtaking Brandywine Valley vistas. We’re preserving and enhancing our cherished spaces to better showcase and grow our outstanding collections. We’re reflecting our founder’s vision and embodying our mission to create a world apart accessible to all for the celebration and enjoyment of horticulture. We’re entering our next chapter … with you.

Longwood remains open throughout the project and continues to be a world apart filled with memorable moments and beautiful experiences. Stay tuned for more about Longwood Reimagined: A New Garden Experience along the way.

What’s in Bloom

  • Oriental-Trumpet Lily

    Lilium ′Tabledance′
  • Kohleria

    Kohleria ′Longwood′
  • Basket hanging with long stems of brown orchid flowers

    Cymbidium Orchid

    Cymbidium Edith McDade ′New Horizon′

    Cymbidium are native to tropical and subtropical Asia and Australia and are known to carry many, long-lasting flowers on each stem.  These orchids come in a variety of colors and are often used in cut flower arrangements.

  • A bunch of yellow flowers forming a ball shape on its stalk


    Clivia miniata ′Longwood Fireworks′

    Clivia miniata is a significant species in our indoor display, with beautiful blossoms adding sweeps of color to our East Conservatory from late winter into spring. Native to southern Africa and a member of the amaryllis family, it is known for its large umbels of orange, yellow, red, or even green flowers that stand above shiny deep-green or variegated strap-like foliage.

  • Large, coral, bulb-like flowers with big, rounded green leaves

    Coral Aphelandra

    Aphelandra sinclairiana
  • Large, red, fan-like flowers on long stems


    Portea 'Jungles'
  • Large, white flowers with streaks of pink on the petals.


    Hippeastrum 'Aquaro' 
  • Rain-tree

    Brunfelsia pauciflora
  • White tulip with maroon streaks

    Triumph Tulip

    Tulipa 'Rems Favourite'
  • A Plant with green and white leaves


    Murraya paniculata