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Peirce-du Pont House

Beautiful inside and out, the original home was built in 1730 and enlarged several times throughout the centuries, including in 1914, when Pierre S. du Pont created our first conservatory.

The house was opened to guests in 1976 and now contains the Longwood Heritage Exhibit, a collection of historic photos, artifacts, home movies, and video that tells the story of the stewards of the land who preserved and developed the property.

History of this Structure

Built in 1730 by Joshua Peirce, the Peirce-du Pont House is the oldest structure at Longwood. The core of the original brick house is an outstanding example of Federal-style architecture. It was the homestead of the Peirce family until 1905 and borders Peirce’s Park, the arboretum founded in 1798 by Joshua and Samuel Peirce.

Pierre S. du Pont purchased the house in 1906 and personally directed its renovation. He eventually doubled its size in 1914, adding the conservatory that became Longwood’s first ‘winter garden.’

Many of the featured plant species in the conservatory were originally displayed during Mr. du Pont’s lifetime. One plant remains from that time—Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese-plant)—the tall vine with very large leaves growing up the wall by the Heritage Exhibit exit.

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