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Italian Water Garden

Pierre S. du Pont's love of water and fountains is embodied in this Garden. Simple color tones—green grass, blue-tiled fountains, and sparkling water—create a serene atmosphere.

The Italian Water Garden fountains are closed for the season. They will reopen in Spring 2022.

Mr. du Pont planned every aspect of this Garden, from the sculptures inspired by his travels in Italy to the hydraulic calculations. He even calculated that the northernmost pools needed to be built 14 feet longer than the southernmost pool to appear symmetrical from the viewing deck.

Experience a piece of Europe with this water delight that operates daily mid-April through mid-October.

History of this Garden

The basic layout of this much-loved water Garden, which debuted in 1927, is similar to one seen by the du Ponts at the Villa Gamberaia near Florence, Italy.

Bloom Highlights

Aromatic Aster

Carolina Allspice

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